Monday, 27 September 2010


I'm so sorry! I've properly neglected the blog. I realise I don't have many bloggers, but I love to read other blogs and I dont want to lose anyone when I've just started. It's just I have just moved back to university in Liverpool and I've had no time to sit down and do a post. I have done some collages though and will put some outfits together over the next week for them and post them.

Again I'm being prrroper shit. Really sorry.

Here are some people I take inspiration from for my outfits...

For when I'm having a rare pretty day, I look to Zoey Deschanel for a lil' bit of inspiration for the cutesy look. She pulls it off perfectly well with her glossy hair and piercing blue eyes.

Fearne Cotton, epitome of kooky cool. Always looks like she's just invented a whole new style, and wears whatever she wants with a confidence I could only DREAM of having..

If I want to go for an outfit with a classic edge I love Rachel Bilson. Another cute one she sometimes plays it safe but as I said a classic.

And of course for my plus size inspiration...
The one and only Beth Ditto. I watched her recently on Fearne Cotton and... and she was amazing. So down to earth, and brilliantly dressed, even if she did have no eyebrows, which I'm not sure is a result of some condition or if she just shaves them off. But she looks brill all the same. Proper sexy lady, oooft.

Who do you take inspiration from and why? And I promise to follow this with some OOTDs (My loans come through so also more clothes woop, just pray my mother does not find out I have bought yet more clothing)


Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Renn for Look Magazine.

I know I'm late on picking up on the fact she did this. I think it was a great photoshoot anyway.

I love Crystal Renn and what she's doing for the plus size model industry. In my opinion I think that big girls will never really be welcomed by the fashion industry. If the all the high street shops who cater to "normal" girls don't cater to a larger size, then why would haute couture? That's why I think it was a BRILLIANT idea to show Crystal in clothes that a bigger girl can wear. Like clothes from H&M, Dorothy Perkins, and Evans. Even if the ones from Evans did swamp her at times.
This is my favourite outift from the shoot. The aviator jacket I have my eye on the website day to day waiting for this. I've seen others in Next and Dorothy Perkins that fit and I have tried on but I want to see this one! The dress is also lovely, I love the pale colour and the gold detailing it adds an autumnal feel to it, aswell as the black rocker belt sexing it up.

Another thing I really like about the shoot is that it really was about the model and the clothes, rather than the surroundings. I think doing the plain white backdrop was really clever, as all I could look at was Crystal, and all I wanted to look at was her really!

What do you think about the shoot?

Anyway that was a pretty serious post for me! I need to go and read my joke book now to crack a smile!

Oh to be that woman with that body, bitch.

(I just wanted to post a link to the brilliant La Cara's Blog as she has all the photos and some behind the scenes photos as well, because she is on the ball!)

Monday, 6 September 2010

Mmm, Olly Murs, I'll Never Let You Go...

He's one stylish man, and his voice is lovely too. I love his buttoned up shirt, and tailored coat. I am a big fan of a great fitting coat on a man and this one looks great on him, as anything would, or wouldn't I like to imagine... haha. The battered shoes with no socks, and hat, add a personality so many men in the spotlight miss now. They're too busy being styled to within an inch of their life. I promise you he's a right smiler really, and too right, because who wants to go out with someone whose miserable all the time? And he's funny too.

His new song "Please Don't Let Me Go.." has me tapping my foot and it's such a shame he didn't release it earlier in the Summer as I think it would have been a great song for me to listen in my little VW all summer whilst driving. It's a bit more poppy than I usually like, I do like alternative music, or acoustic music, but this song, along with Katy Perry's album (Teenage Dream, is a BRILLIANT pop album) will be continuously on my iPod, in my VW all the time.

If you're not sure who he is he was a contestant on the X Factor. It's a British version of any Pop Idols, or American Idol. And I fancied him ever since he sang Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" and danced a cute dance on the X Factor auditions last year. He should have won, but he didn't he came second, to some little boy, whose name escapes me. THAT's how crap he was.

Anyway his new single went to number one, and he promised if it did he would pose naked in a magazine. Now all I'm saying is, I bought that single about ten times this week, just to be sure.

Are there any men who you've got your eye on at the moment, famous or not? Spill the beeaaans!


Sunday, 5 September 2010

OOTD - Crop Tops!

Happy Birthday Lucy Poocy.
(On the right with Adele, on the left)

My camera is fixed! I fixed it myself as I am a "Do it Yourself" DIY whiz kid. It was so satisfying to have fixed it myself, feel a little like a boy now, so I must indulge in some fashion!

You might be thinking "SHE is wearing a crop top!? Better scroll down just to have a good laugh at this... " But NO I am hiding my belly, fortunately for you all!
It was my friend, Lucy's 21st and for part of her celebrations she wanted to go on a pub crawl round the local town Warrington...

I had a really funny time, drinking, eating and gossiping about everything. I love laughing so hard that people around you don't know what you're talking about, but only you and your friends do, like those little insider jokes. Anyway she's gonna do some more bits for her birthday but I hope she had fun last night, and I SUFFERED in work for it anyways!

Tasty lil' bit of Nando's there for Lucy's birthday...

The crop top was an 80's classic back in the day. And it came back in 2010, many starlets wearing it, either buying them, cropping old tops by cutting or tying them up a la Beyonce! As a bigger girl I have to cover up my stomach but if you have a flat, toned stomach then I think you should consider going bare, I would if I could!

I layer my crop top over high waisted skirts, high waisted shorts and trousers, or dresses. Seriously they go with loads of items of clothing. They were great in summer but will look great in winter under a wooly cardigan.

Theyre a great casual item, with jeans and cute flats, especially Chanel flats, mmmmmmmm tasty. I wore mine over a cream lace dress and as its a little big for me a tailored it with my favourite Topshop brown belt.
As we were walking from pub to pub I threw my vintage Levi's jacket over the top for a casual edge as it was still pretty early and teamed it with some Primark penny loafers, for a classic edge.

Anyway hope everyone had a nice weekend!
But how do you wear your crop tops? Or do you wear them at all??


Crop Top - Asos Curve
Lace Dress - Dorothy Perkins
Brown Belt - Topshop
Loafers - Primark
Tights - Primark
Denim Jacket - Levi's (My mums)