Sunday, 30 January 2011

60's Themed.

Ever since I did the Adele inspiration post I can't stop listening to her album, and I'm feeling even more inspired by her retro style.

I've just got back from Brighton for my friends 21st and some photos are on the way as well as what I wore, and whilst I was there I was inspired by the kitschness of it all. 'The Lanes' shops are all quirky and individual, and the proper British fish 'n' chips and the Brighton pier with rides and 2p slot machines.

So maybe that's why I'm a little bit in love with this 60's dress. I think ASOS curve are really hitting it out of the park with their clothes. And at the moment it's money off so bonusssssss!

What dya think of asos' collections recently, and do you think anywhere else are providing us girls with such a massive collection of well fitting clothes?


Edit: If you want to know why I love Adele so much listen to this, I'm not sure when it expires but probably soon so I'd listen to it as soon as possible. I just want to be her best friend.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Inspiration of the Week: Balmain RTW Spring Summer 2010 Collection

I don't know, maybe I'm getting a bit tired of nudes, pastels and ruffles, and I'm rebelling and being a bit of a badass boy. But I love Balmain's Ready To Wear collection for S/S 2011.
Don't get me wrong I love being a girly-girl and wearing pretty skirts and dress, and we've seen the rock chick look a million times before, but I really hope ripped shorts, graffiti t's
and amazing studded leather jackets are filtering down into the shops.

I know in a million years I'd never be able to fit my leg into one of these pairs of shorts, let alone afford them. But it doesn't stop me rocking the look like its right off the catwalk, and with the trend of 'handicraft', a term I've seen being batted around, it might be cheaper, and more ethical to make my own clothes.

Im also a fan of the models minimalistic hair and make up, as the clothes are so "LOOK AT ME" it adds this air of chic-ness that makes the fashion serious, and not over the top.

Here are my favourite three looks from their collection

My favourites the last one, I love the lace up boots, ripped up shorts and red jacket combo.

Anyway here's what I would wear atm, taking inspiration from Balmain:

Obvs would need to be bejazzled, and studded and I heard if you sandpaper leather it makes the jacket look worn. The Jackets by South

Again these shorts would need cutting and ripping for the rock look, but I love the high waisted style of them.The shorts are by Inspire@ New Look.

Oh but these boots are perfect, no need for adjustment, at all. From Topshop.

Do you like any spring summer 2011 collections?


Monday, 24 January 2011

OOTD - Peg Pants!

Hello! Finally another ootd!

I snapped up these cord peg leg trousers in the ASOS sale after Christmas. I think they still have a some left if you like the look of them. They were £10.00, from £32.00 I think, so brilliany reduction. And they are really comfy.

Recently all I've been doing is editing my final piece of media work, which is a documentary on a homeless hostel for teenagers in Liverpool.. I actually finished it today so I'm really proud of it. So, all I've wanted to do is wear comfy clothes, but not just any comfy clothes (although I have thrown on a pair of leggins and oversized top every now and again) I still wanted to look stylish, when holed up in a room with 3 other people.

I will put my documentary (called Power to the People) up on here, but we just have to get final clearances from Powerhouse (The foyer/charity) to make sure its all right to distribute and show it. We're going to enter it into some film festivals as well so I think that's really exciting.

(BTW if anyone has any contacts in the media who can get me a job or work experience, give me a message, I'm desperate for contacts haha!!) Shameless I know.

I wore my pants with a stripy crop top and an oversized cardigan, which you can't really tell from these photos (Sorry). And my snood, which is a staple atm with the up and down weather, it's comfy but really warm as well when the temperature suddenly drops.

I'm not sure whether I could make these pants wearable on a night out, or dya think they'd be too casual?

I also can't stop wearing my hair in a top knot, its so easy to do when I've been in at 8 every morning for the past week.

Have you done anything recently that you're proud of? And what do you think of peg leg pants?

Again thanks for reading, and coming back I appreciate it.

Edit: Sorry I didn't put where everything was from:
Pants - Asos curve
Top - Dorothy Perkins
Belt - As before
Pumps - New Look
Cardigan - Vintage (My mums)
Necklace - Vintage
Bangle - Vintage

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Perfect Mani..

Can you get any more grunge rock chic than this? Srsly!?

I've just bought the Rimmel matte topcoat, which everyone's been raving about, and it's grand. These nails would look sick (meaning good) with a chiffon nude midi dress, a loose sexy topknot and some YSL black imperial pumps.

(From the little gem of a blog I found, which you've probably all heard of called Chloe's Nails. She makes me want to pay for proper acrylic nails, which I hate!)

Monday, 17 January 2011

Inspiration of the Week: Adele

Ok, clothes wise Adele has never been that inventive. But, usually in a uniform of black with a striking colour here and an amazing hairstyle there, she always manages to look glamourous. Her retro style of sweeping flowing hair and feline eyeliner has inspired me to imitate her fashion on many occasions.
The real reason she inspires me though (is not her weight as many people liken me to her presume that's why I like her and relate to her, closed minds think alike) is her voice. I heard Reggie Yates (a beautiful, Radio 1 presenter) describe her voice as being 'beyond her years'. I totally agree with this. Her soulful and unique voice is one you instantly recognise her by, but it could also belong to a 1960's diva. (see Aretha). She sounds even better live than she does pre-recorded and on her album, and I can listen to Hometown Glory, from her first album 19, on repeat, all night long.

Now, back with her second album, 21, which I have yet to listen to. She promises more beautiful songs that people will still be listening to in years to come. And hopefully, they will still feel as fresh to them and me, as Daydreamer or First Love does to me now, a couple of years, a few hundred plays later than when I first uploaded it onto my iTunes. Her first song: Rolling in The Deep, has already notched up a few plays on Youtube from me!
With those big hooded eyes, and full lips, she sure is a beauty, whatacow!?

Have you been inspired by anyone this week?


images from and

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

OOTD - Cape.

This cape and snood combination has carried me through winter. I love it so much. You can obviously tell by my face. The cape was a bing trend for Autumn/Winter2010. And I saw it everywhere on the high street. Mine is from Primark: they had numerous best selling capes throughout winter, I'm not sure if the one I'm wearing was, I think their military styles sold better. But I loved this one because of the hood and fur. It has kept me warm and is brilliant for layering when I have a few separates I wanted to wear.
These boots are from Evans, and have been brilliant too. Even through the snow they've carried me through with their chunky heel (that you can't see, sorry) and the rubber tread on the sole. I wore this outfit on a shopping trip with my mother when she came to see me round Liverpool. The shoes barely hurt (well a little, but I'm rubbish with heels generally, and have a low pain threshold, so...) I wore a little black jumper under the cape like I said to give the layered effect.
What was your favourite trend of the winter?
Cape - Primark
Dress - Charity Shop
Tights - M&S
Socks - Next
Shoes - Evans
Snood - TK Maxx
Necklace (just seen) - Muse (Manchester)

Monday, 10 January 2011

Inspiration of the Week, ballet.

This is a new feature, where I'll look at the designs, images or films that are inspiring me this week.

This week it's ballet. Every little girl has dreamed of owning a pair of ballet shoes once in their life. I love the long lines, the clean shapes, the simple romance of the dance. And this romance is so on trend right now.

With Chloe's Spring/Summer range being inspired by it, I'm already seeing influences on the high street. The sheer long skirt is a favourite design of mine, like I say the cleanness of the design and the simplicity is something I really adore.

Rodarte's sister designer team, Laura and Kate Mulleavy designed and created the costumes for the film The Black Swan. I don't really care for the film, although I've not heard any recommendations about it so if you've heard it's good or have seen it, let me know!

These designs are a lot more dramatic to fit in with the film. But I'd love to watch for the designer costume design (and Natalie Portman obvs)

What are you feeling inspired by this week?

All images are sourced from

Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Year, New You.

Ok, I'm not experiencing technical difficulties, but I am experiencing blogging difficulties. Like I can't seem to find the time, through third year work which is harder and longer than ever before, my part time job, looking for a job that I actually want to work in, volunteering at a hospital radio station and actually having a real social life.

I'm sure other bloggers will appreciate this as when you start out it's hard to get going and be, and feel inspired.

But one of my NY's resolutions is to do this, to carry on with this blog, and make it more personal to me.

So thanks for bearing with me if you're still reading, if not I totally understand.

Ill post in the next few days with an outfit post and some more updates.