Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Perfect Mani..

Can you get any more grunge rock chic than this? Srsly!?

I've just bought the Rimmel matte topcoat, which everyone's been raving about, and it's grand. These nails would look sick (meaning good) with a chiffon nude midi dress, a loose sexy topknot and some YSL black imperial pumps.

(From the little gem of a blog I found, which you've probably all heard of called Chloe's Nails. She makes me want to pay for proper acrylic nails, which I hate!)


  1. Wow, this is one of a hell classy manicure! I LOVE IT! (sorry for my not so good english, I have no idea if I used that expression correctly :P).

  2. oh... that's actually a really great manicure. i might steal the idea. i have essie's matte topcoat. what did you use to make the tip so even? i've tried strips before but never got them to work... any ideas?

  3. Wow. They do look totally amazing. Never thought of matte nails but this changed the perspective.

  4. I know they're great aren't they?

    Immer - I died too, but I realised Id miss out on these nails so promptly set about doing it!.

    Alinoolis - that was great english, don't worry.. I love it too..

    Jill - I wish I had done this I'm yet to try, but it says on her page she used tape, but if you were worried about it taking off the polish, i think you can buy special tips from drugstores..

    The Merry Traveller - I know I hadn't thought of it but they are amazing..


  5. Loving this. I mean I feel an OOTD with these nails, don't u? LOL.
    Wow, show me more please :D

  6. Seriously, these nails are amazing!


  7. This is literally amazing! I'm so geting my hands on this stuff!!! x