Friday, 6 May 2011

OOTD: Fringin'


Well, since all I've been doing is working, I've been letting my hair down alot too. This outfit was worn on a night out with Steph, who you've seen before and some other friends at uni. I'm not really a clubber person (snore, I know) but when I join my friends on nights out we usually end up in Popworld that plays cheesey pop tunes. Spice Girls, boyzone, etc you name it.

Anyway I wore this fringed top which I've seen in a couple of shops now including Topshop. But this was from primark. It will be great layered over maxi dresses for the tribal trend and does go with quite alot. I've seen girls in Liverpool pair it with t-shirts and peg leg pants, all in khakis and pale colours. And I've seen girls overlay it with maxi dresses, and just over black, which I think works best as it really shows the fringing of the top.

Here I am, drinking a redbull, laced with vodka.

I just wore simple make up and hair because if I wear one statement piece I don't like to overdo it. Red lips and simple black eyeliner are always a fall back for me :)
Again paired with my trusty brogues I could carry on dancing all night.

Fringe top - Primark.
Tights - Tesco
Necklace - DP.
Brogues - Peacocks.
Black dress - H&M

My graduation ball is tomorrow night, and I'm so excited to show you my dress. I showed you a mock up from Polyvore not long ago and I'm pleased with the outcome. Oh the shoes, they will kill my feet but they look so cute.

Have you got anything exciting coming up??


Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Room inspiration.

Well I'm moving home soon and I want to do my room up. So I've been looking for inspiration online as you do. Here are some photos I have found that I love.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Friday, 22 April 2011

OOTD: Sweatin' Maxi


I'm quite excited as this is my first summer related post. It has been so hot here at the moment, I'm so bad in the heat, and as my job involves running up and down stairs I do sweat like a pig. So on my rare off days I like to wear stuff that is cool and doesn't increase the warmness I feel!

Anyway I wore this on a day out with my mum, we went out for dinner in Warrington, and popped to the shops. I don't get to spend many days with my mum now as we both work and our days off clash but we had a lovely day. We ate humus and pitta bread, and spicy chicken and it wasn't from Nandos it was from a cute little tapas bar.

My mum took the photos as well so that is why I look a little bit awkward as Im just used to the ol' tripod, but my mum was very cooperative and knew what I wanted in my photos haha.

As I don't really care for my arms as previously mentioned I put a crop top over the bandeau maxi that I purchased from DP last year. I nipped it in at the waist to keep it from looking shapeless.
My photos are actually in my garden too, which I miss when I'm in my city flat, where all I see is bulldozers and paving stones :(

So how have you been dealing with the warm weather recently, or if you've not had any sun, are you looking forward to it?

Dress - DP
Crop top - Topshop
Sandals - New Look
Necklace - M&S.
Belt - DP


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

OOTD: Camel Stripes [restyle]

Sorry, sorry, sorry. I'mma bitch with blogging atm. There are no excuses, because I get tired of having to explain. I think I'm just going to have to get better with sharing my time between family, friends, work, graduate applications and socialising, and blogging! I won't share the reason as to why I've been away but its quite serious and personal so I hope I haven't annoyed anyone.

Anyway heres my latest ootd:

I've been applying for jobs and trying to present myself as a serious professional graduate, and here are my first attempts. Wearing a baggy top other a tight skirt means I show off my legs and I can hide my arms, my most hated area.

I love the camel colour on this top, and everyone always thinks its from Topshop as someone described how it was a topshop colour... Which I don't really see. I've worn it before casually in my trip to Brighton, but here it is smartened up...
I wore it over a tight jersey skirt, which does ride up a bit sometimes, but I keep on top of it as noone wants a flash of my nether regions!

Paired with heeled brogues from Peacocks I felt comfortable all day as I tried to impress potential bosses!
Jersey Tee - ASDA.
Skirt - H&M.
Tights - Tesco.
Brogues - Peacocks.
Necklace - Muse (Manchester, similar items in Topshop)
Belt - Vintage find.

How do you dress for job interviews?


P.S. I have so many blogs to catch up on! And my, my, my, my dress is coming along lovely for the grad ball, I can't wait to show it you!!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Grad Ball Idea

Grad Ball Idea
Grad Ball Idea by icedgem featuring vintage chanel handbags

For my graduation ball I want something quite simple, but elegant. I have this dress, but as I hate my arms, I'm making a cropped lace top, similar to the lace dress I made in my last post, to go over the top. These are some of the accessories I think would look nice, again quite simple gold jewellery including a vintage chanel necklace and bag, and a black and gold chunky ring. But I'm not sure how I should accessorise it. How do you think I should? Have you got any ideas on what I should wear with it? Thank you! xx

Friday, 1 April 2011

OOTD: Net Curtains


This is my friend Sarah, seriously, see how many stunners I have to be friends with, it's ridiculous.

So, as you know, I've finished all of my work now for university, well besides a few tiddly bits and bobs, but I'm not as worried about them as my dissertation.

My dissertation was on women in radio, I really enjoyed writing it as it's an area of media I'm interested in. And finding out how women are ignored and not represented on British airwaves was really interesting. But if I have to try to quote something one more time using the Harvard Referencing System, I will scream! (DUIGNAN, 2011, p. 01)

So to celebrate everyone handing their work in on time we went out and partied Liverpool style.

We went to Tapas Tapas, a lovely little authentic Tapas restaurant in Liverpool city centre, which is lovely, overpriced, but really tasty and great food. Lovely atmosphere as well as everyone was relaxed and there were a few other parties going on, so we were all cheering each other on. Oh, and getting drunk on Sangria and Rose wine!

After the meal, we walked across the road to Heebie Jeebies, which is an amazing place to go to dance. We played drinking games and such whilst waiting for more people to arrive. Really, I must recommend dancing away your worries to Motown and fun tunes: Ain't no Mountain High Enough and Harry Belafonte's Jump in the Line are the best!

Anyway here's what I wore:
The dress I made myself (from net curtains: hence the title) and thought it was dressy enough for the night, which it was. I belted it with an old belt from a charity shop, because it's a bit shapeless without.

As I made it myself it does fit well, as it was made for my proportions, it was easy to make from some netted fabric from a Textiles shop here in Liverpool a couple of years ago, and I've been waiting for the perfect place to wear it and I'm glad I did here. Everyone else looked lovely.

Oh and these brogues are uh-mazing for dancing and walking, seriously, they're so comfy.

Dress - Made by me.
Belt- Vintage.
Tights- Tesco
Necklaces and Rings- Dorothy Perkins, and Pia Jewelery
Heeled Brogues - Peacocks

How do you celebrate?


Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Oh yeeeeaaaah!

I've finished my work now and it's all handed in a day early. I'm so so so relieved, and a weight is off of my mind so much.

It feels amazing.

So now I've got free time and I'll be doing stuff other than work, library, university, work, blah bleurgh. I have days out and nights out planned all in aid of celebrating and finishing uni so I'm looking forward to putting more time into working on my blog.

I've been inspired by lots of peoples summery blog posts so I'm very excited.

See you soon


Monday, 28 February 2011


I'm taking a little break, just for a month, I'll be back on the 1st of April. All my deadlines in Uni are in this month and they're really important since it's my last year. Whilst I'll still be reading other blogs mine will have to take a back seat for a bit.

So please don't go anywhere, bear with me..

See ya in a bitch :)


Thursday, 24 February 2011

OOTD - Knit!

Hello, so as usual I'm pulling an absolute stunner of a face!

Here I am doing a internship with a company call Wired Arts. They're doing a really interesting dance on a wall. The dancers are strung on bungees and have to run and jump along the wall whilst portraying a particular theme. I'm not sure if I can tell you much as I'm not sure how much of a secret it is as I'm only documenting it through photography and film (as you can see from the handicam) for the company to use in a documentary. But when I know what the rules surrounding the footage is I'll post it for you, as it's really exciting. I'm doing it with my friend Rach and its good fun. Everybody's lovely, and it's such a big step away from when I visited the post production house last week, and the atmosphere is actually fun...

Anyway it's in an absolute MASSIVE warehouse!!! It's freezing and I wasn't rapped up properly until I took out my huge LJMU hoody. But that wasn't worth the photo, so heres what I wore..
This jumper is so soft and really hugs me in the right places. I usually belt it though to give me a waist. The belts from DP but you can't really see it...

If you click on the photo it will get bigger.
Jacket - DP
Jumper - Tesco
Dress (as skirt) - Next
Leggins - Primark
Necklace - Primark
Converse shoes

I also wanted to say how much I'm loving top knots atm, its great for my hair when it's a day old and I put dry shampoo on. The dry shampoo adds a bit of volume and really holds the style. As well as keeping greasy day old hair outta my face !

As well as the exciting work experience I have lots of work due, a dissertation on women in radio, press pack for my recent documentary which I'll post when I finally get round to putting it on youtube, and a media ethics report... to name a bit pfft. So I may be out of action for a bit in March just so you know...

Have you been working on anything interesting lately? And have you got any deadlines looming?

Hope everyone is well, and hi to new readers, I really appreciate your follow :)


Monday, 21 February 2011

How I'd wear the Midi trend

How I'd wear the Midi trend
How I'd wear the Midi trend by icedgem featuring a leaf ring

I'd contrast the elegance of the midi skirt with chunky heels and a masculine (mulberry of course) satchel. Oh and lots of rings piled up!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

OOTD - London

Found true love, at last.

Yesterday I bombed it down to London for a day trip for an editing workshop at a post production house called Envy. Anyway it wasn't much of a workshop more of a place for networking editors, but I'm shit at it so I just tried to schmoooze my way in, probably failing miserably along the way.
Anyway before we went to Envy, me and my friends had a dash round town. We went into the amazing Topshop on Oxford Road. It was a beauty of a store and had everything you could ask for. But I'm cutting back on spending so didn't grab anything, although those copy JC chunky boots I posted a couple posts back were in the sale for £50 I would have gotten them if thewere in a size 7. So maybe I'm not cutting back that much.

We then headed to Hamley's Toy Store. I've never been and felt like a kid. It was amazing, no word of a lie, and I picked up a souvenir bear. We (When I say we I mean I) was such a tourist taking lots of photos. Then we had to go to Envy. I felt like getting a job in the media was much more capable when I was there, but realised it seems very cut throat, and I'm not sure if I could cope with that.

You know when something hits you in the face, well the reali
sation that I might not be cut out for this type of work did. I know I could cope with the stress, and I am willing to put in lots and lots of hours and hard work, and I can definitely pull my weight. I just don't know how cut throat I can be, it seems your friends become competition when looking for jobs, which is really sad.

Anyway moving on from getting deep, we went for dim sum, at a place called Ping Pong. It was really tasty. I've never had it before but was pleasantly surprised. And the mango desert thing I had was tasty too. The decor was cute and the staff pleasant I would recommend it if you're in London and fancy an alternative to Chinese food.

Anyway here I am posing like a pro on a red telephone box. I wanted to wear layers so if I got warm I could take them off but it was chilly daaan saaath (or down south).

I wore :

Aviator - ASOS Curve
Snood - TK Maxx
Jumper - Vintage shop in Brighton
Shit - ASOS
Tights - Tesco (oh btw best tights ever, they are 3D stretch and reach right over my belly button and no need to have to keep pulling them up, 5 * for them I must say.)
Brogues - Primark
Bag - New Look.

I had a really good day, and just wish it hadn't of been so rushed. It's such a busy inspiring city, even though I only saw a tiny portion of it, you can feel the energy of it. It's a shame it's so expensive to live there though. It's my dream to live in a big city like that, but I sometimes worry it could swallow you up.

Have you been anywhere inspiring or exciting lately?


Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentines Day

Valentines Day
Valentines Day by icedgem featuring striped dresses

Just a cheeky perfect date outfit (if I had one)

Inspiration of the week: Baftas

I'm quite a big fan of V-day even though I haven't had anyone to spend it with for the past couple of years. I don't think the treatment people give each other on Valentines, should be reserved for one day of the year, but I think it's a lovely idea and you can share it with anyone.

I've also given my parents some time tonight and I'm staying at my flat in Liverpool with some other couples which I can hear through my wall, so I'm sharing the love. All be it in a lonesome way!

Hope you are having a nice day, and do you agree with it?

Anyway I watched the BAFTAS the other night and really enjoyed it. Congrats on the awards for Colin Firth (sex god), Helena Bonham Carter (icon) and Natalie Portman who all deserved their awards for two great films.

But onto the important stuff. I always love what they wear at these things, partly because I envisage myself as a glamourous actress one day, and partly because I live out my fantasies watching them on screen in amazing dresses and gowns.

BTW all images are courtesy of

Here are some of my favourite looks from the night:

Eva Green in gorgeous gothic Tom Ford

Edith Bowman in 50's glam Emilia Wickstead

Jessica Alba (Looking HOT!!!!!) in a vibrant Versace gown.

Kimberly Walsh in a very pretty Ashish maxi.

And my favourite look, straight from the 50's is Julianne Moore in a midnight blue velvet Tom Ford dress. Loving her red hair and lips as well, I think she looks stunning.

So anyways, since Julianne Moore can't be my Valentines guess I'm spending the night on my own with chocolate and pasta and garlic bread.

What are your plans for this eve, hope you have a good one!?


Thursday, 10 February 2011

OOTD - Velvet spotty dress.

Iyeerrr, this is me and my friend steph, she's a bit of a stunner!

Last night I went out with my flatmates and we had a pretty good time. We just bar crawled rather than clubbed 'it up as I'm not one for clubs, and we wanted a quiet one but it ended up with dancing anyway.

Liverpools a great city to go out in, it has every kind of night life, from your dirty old pubs to your hardcore clublands. The clubs are close together too, so for girls in high heels it's great. We ended up in two small clubs called MOJO's and La'Gos which I recommend if you're ever venturing out. Apart from the awful smell that La'Gos sometimes comes with.

Anyway here's what I wore:
It's a flattering dress that floats in the right place, it has great length sleeves as well. Just long enough for this weather but still keeps you cool, to above the elbow. The brogues are an old friend of mine, as is the leather jacket which I practically always wear anyway, they're some of my wardrobe staples.

AAAAND a sexy pose:
Jacket - DP
Dress- Fearne Cotton @
Brogues - Primark
Tights - Tesco
Belt - Thrifted
Necklace - Primark
Gold Bangle - Vintage (mothers)

Where can you suggest in your cities to go on a night out?


Monday, 7 February 2011

Inspiration of the Week: New Shoes.

I've never really been an absolute lover of shoes, but recently they're what I've been on the lookout for. ATM I'm after some YSL Tributes or copies, my friend Steph got some from New Look, and they're so sexy. Not even lying.

Anyway recently I've bought some new pairs. I'm feeling inspired by them so much I want to create outfits around them.

Lets start with my favourite of the three.

Heeled Brogues - £20 Peacocks.

I've been after a pair for a while now and these are perfect. They're not too high as I can't walk in massive heels, and I think they'll go with anything really. I love the brogue detailing too, very swish.

Suede Wedges - £10 Market (similar ones on ebay here)

I bought these simply because they are wonderful to walk in. I think they'll be more suitable for summer with maxi dresses and denim jackets, so I can't wait.

Red Vans - £30 (with staff discount) Schuh

I bought these at the start of the year, I already have a blue pair and they're the best shoes ever for cba days, when you can't be bothered, but I still feel like I look stylish. They're quite popular in Liverpool atm anyway.

I'm happy with my shoe buys and I've sort of planned outfits around the first two pairs, and the vans go with anything.

Everyone looked like they had a great time at the blogger meet this weekend, gutted I didn't pick up on it sooner, but oh well, I'm sure there will be more.

Anyway, what style of shoe are you coveting atm?


Thursday, 3 February 2011

Tan Summer

Tan Summer

I want summer now. A cool summer in the city with Raybans, chunky jewellery, high wedges and cut offs.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Brighton 2011

I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned but I love Brighton. I love how laid back it is as well as being undeniably cool and populated by cool individuals who all look different. Being from the north, where everyone seems pretty narrow minded its nice to go somewhere and not feel like everyone's judging you. I'm not gay or anything (as Brighton's known in Britain as the Gay Capital) it's just you don't feel like an outsider there.

I've grown up visiting there with family, as I have family in London, and we'd take day trips out to Brighton. So it always reminds me a bit of home, and after recently losing my 12 yr old family dog, Sebastian, it was nice to go somewhere where I have so many memories of him too.

As well as all this I love Brighton because one of my best friend Roisin's from there. She's so lovely and I realised I miss her very much being back up north without her. But times change so I suppose I'll have to get on with it. We visited because it was Rosies 21st and we felt obliged (nah Im kidding roooose, we really wanted to) and I had a great weekend full of laughs.

These are just some of the photos above I took over the weekend. The weather was cold and dreary but Brighton Pier will always cheer up the dimmest of days.

I want to thank Curz too for driving us, she was a trooper. (5 hr journey each way)

Ok I didn't get much of a ootd whilst there but these are the closest to what I wore.

My asos curve Shearling jacket I snaffled in the Christmas sale kept me really warm whilst in the sea breeze (more like a gale) And underneath I wore jeggins, my smelly old navy Vans and this top from George at ASDA. It's such a great top, oversized and I love the camel colour, it goes with so much.
Here I am with (in order) Emma, Lauren, and Roisin.

Then we went out in Brighton to a couple of bars and pubs. This was taken in the Revolution with the birthday girl, and I'm wearing my chiffon oversize shirt. It was from Primark and you can dress it up or down. I can't stop wearing it.
Anyway I really miss R oisin, and had a great weekend again with her.

Have you been up to anything exciting recently?