Thursday, 17 February 2011

OOTD - London

Found true love, at last.

Yesterday I bombed it down to London for a day trip for an editing workshop at a post production house called Envy. Anyway it wasn't much of a workshop more of a place for networking editors, but I'm shit at it so I just tried to schmoooze my way in, probably failing miserably along the way.
Anyway before we went to Envy, me and my friends had a dash round town. We went into the amazing Topshop on Oxford Road. It was a beauty of a store and had everything you could ask for. But I'm cutting back on spending so didn't grab anything, although those copy JC chunky boots I posted a couple posts back were in the sale for £50 I would have gotten them if thewere in a size 7. So maybe I'm not cutting back that much.

We then headed to Hamley's Toy Store. I've never been and felt like a kid. It was amazing, no word of a lie, and I picked up a souvenir bear. We (When I say we I mean I) was such a tourist taking lots of photos. Then we had to go to Envy. I felt like getting a job in the media was much more capable when I was there, but realised it seems very cut throat, and I'm not sure if I could cope with that.

You know when something hits you in the face, well the reali
sation that I might not be cut out for this type of work did. I know I could cope with the stress, and I am willing to put in lots and lots of hours and hard work, and I can definitely pull my weight. I just don't know how cut throat I can be, it seems your friends become competition when looking for jobs, which is really sad.

Anyway moving on from getting deep, we went for dim sum, at a place called Ping Pong. It was really tasty. I've never had it before but was pleasantly surprised. And the mango desert thing I had was tasty too. The decor was cute and the staff pleasant I would recommend it if you're in London and fancy an alternative to Chinese food.

Anyway here I am posing like a pro on a red telephone box. I wanted to wear layers so if I got warm I could take them off but it was chilly daaan saaath (or down south).

I wore :

Aviator - ASOS Curve
Snood - TK Maxx
Jumper - Vintage shop in Brighton
Shit - ASOS
Tights - Tesco (oh btw best tights ever, they are 3D stretch and reach right over my belly button and no need to have to keep pulling them up, 5 * for them I must say.)
Brogues - Primark
Bag - New Look.

I had a really good day, and just wish it hadn't of been so rushed. It's such a busy inspiring city, even though I only saw a tiny portion of it, you can feel the energy of it. It's a shame it's so expensive to live there though. It's my dream to live in a big city like that, but I sometimes worry it could swallow you up.

Have you been anywhere inspiring or exciting lately?



  1. damn! you look so sexy!!!!! love your color hair <3

  2. You look hot! And I'm loving these pics! I'm glad you had an awesome day!! :D


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  4. how cute are you! and ahhh, the iconic red telephone box. sooo london! glad to see you had a grand time and im so happy that u stopped by my blog so i can stalk ures! ;-)

  5. I love the pictures! I've always always wanted to go around London so i am doing an imaginary tour with your pictures! There should be more! You're also looking warm, smiley and fantastic!