Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Broken Camera


I'm going to take a week or twos break from the blog. It probably won't impact on your life but I felt like I should tell you, as I really appreciate the time you take to read and comment. It's not for any serious reasons, my camera is broken and I need to get it fixed/ get a new one, and I feel like my content has been lacking recently.

So I'll save up some outfit posts when I get my camera working, and I'm going to work on the content  and come back wide eyed and bushy tailed.

See ya soon

Sunday, 15 July 2012

I'm Stuck On A Verse

So the weather has still been horrible this week. Hard random showers, and the temperature changing has made it really difficult to dress. Yesterday was a day where it was changing from sunny to rainy. I ordered some things off of ASOS (again) and this dip hem oversized t-shirt was one of the items. I'm in love with it, and I'm thinking of buying the other styles and colours they have in it if they go into the sale, as it's so easy to throw on and wear as a dress or a t-shirt.

My style at the moment is quite simple. I don't know it that translates to lazy sometimes, so I try to mix slouchy pieces with structured items. I bought this maroon blazer for work and I wore it over the t-shirt. I think the lapels and big shoulders mean that my look didn't look to lazy. I am eyeing up a few body chains and chunky necklaces to go over this top as I think it needs something to break up the black. The dip hem is really popular at the moment and it makes this top a little bit different than just an oversized tee. 
I love the colour of this blazer. It looks grat with black. And the gold detailed buttons are lovely too. It was a primark special and I think I like it because it reminds me of a school blazer. 

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend!

Top - ASOS Curve
Tights - Tesco
Shoes - Liverpool
Collar - Primark via Charity shop
Blazer - Primark.

Gem xo

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Wants of the Week #22

1. Grey T-Shirt Dress - New Look £12
Another grey t-shirt that I've been eyeing up this week. It's also oversized. It looks perfect for everyday casual days as well as holidays and festivals. 

2. Floral Dress - H&M+ £35
This tunic dress from H&M is a very pretty dress. I'd love to wear it with chunky chelsea boots and a biker jacket to mess it up a little bit. I love the colours in the dress too, the pale blue/mint and yellow and pink look really bright and summery together. 

3. Tassle Bag - TopShop £28
Such a cute bag. It's the perfect summer bag and would take me from day to night. I love the tassles and the duffle look in a bag, I prefer sloucy bags to structured bags, even though I've had a structured bag for nearly a year now! 

4. Studded Slippers - Ebay £15.99
I've seen the studded loafers on lots of blogs. And I never really fancied them, until perusing ebay and I saw the great prices. These are the perfect work shoes without being too sensible. I'd love to wear them with a floral dress or the berry coloured dress at no.7.

5.Ring - Topshop £8.50
I really like this ring from Topshop I think it'd look lovely on. It's called 'luminescent' so it'd look very pretty and bright on my hand. 

6. Cross Necklace - ASOS £6
Another week, another cross necklace. This chunky necklace is a good alternative to the body chain if you don't feel like braving it. I certainly don't. It's simple and a classic way to 'rock up' any outfit.

7. Berry Dress - Dorothy Perkins £16
What a bargain! This pretty dress is again simple, but can be worn in a number of ways. I'd love to wear it with my maroon converse and a denim jacket for a lazy day. I love the colour too, it's a great alternative to black.

Gem xo

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Five Year Engagement

Last night I went to see the film Five Year Engagement. We went to see Magic Mike but it was sold out so ended up seeing this. I'm really happy that we ended up seeing this one because I loved it. It was such a perfect film. It's from the Producer of Bridesmaids, which is another film I love. It's about a couple who get get engaged a year after they meet, and the time between the engagement and getting married. 

It has a lot of laugh out loud funny bits, and a lot of emotion. It felt like a real relationship rather than just an on-screen one. I think that may be me though, just buying into the emotion of it all! Or it could be the two leads. Emily Blunt and Jason Segel. I'm a little bit in love with both of them really. Jason is very very funny, and of course he is noted as one of the writers, and Emily steps up to the mark too. She obviously looks perfect all the way through, and her hair is on point. ALL THE TIME. It has other great actors in too like Rhys Ifans as the sexy professor and Chris Pratt from Parks and Recreation

I won't tell you too much. But I think this has become one of my all time favourite films now. I would go and watch it again. Does anyone want to come with me? 

Have you seen any films recently that you love?

Gem xo

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

I Might Go Outside Today


Just a quick post today. I wore this little outfit to go for a meal with some friends the other evening and forgot to post it. I wanted something casual and comfy and I love all the slim leg trousers that are going round at the moment. They're quite grown up and formal, but I like to wear them casual with big shirts or t-shirts. It helps that masculine lines are quite big at the moment, so I can look chic without feeling slouchy.

I turned these beige pants up so they sit above my ankle rather than on it to fit in with the original cigarette pant shape. I love the neutral colour of these but hardly ever wear them as I think only black goes with them. Can you suggest any other colours? I threw this slouchy top over them as the colours were quite simple in it. The flash of purple makes the outfit a bit more interesting. I think a lilac nail would have looked lovely here too. To make sure the outfit didn't make me look super scruffy I shoved on my heeled brogues.
Fail safe top-knot hair too! My blog swap partner got me this necklace and I realised I hadn't worn it in any outfit photos yet. I usually wear it as a bracelet but it looked lovely worn as a long necklace.
T-shirt - New Look (really old)
Pants - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - Peacocks
Necklace - TopShop
Rings - Vintage/Pia/Market

Gem xo

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Wants of the Week #21

I've not really been lusting after much this week. I'm focusing all my attention on saving money. But I have window shopped quite a bit, and put things in my online shopping basket and not bought it. 

1. Grey T-Shirt - Very.co.uk £15
Basic t-shirts are always on my list of things to buy. Especially gray marl ones. I think they just look cute with black skinnies and a leather jacket. This slouchy one looks very chic and basic.

2. Tribal belt - ASOS Curve £8
I'm not sure if I've featured this before but I love this belt. It would look very nice with a long black tunic and leggings. The pattern is very on trend too.

3. Cat Ring - ASOS £8
What a great, fun ring! This quirky piece will be a great addition to any outfit. I'm mainly a dog person too, but I was very drawn to this when perusing the ASOS jewelry section. It'd make a great present to any friends who love cats. I have one in particular that springs to mind.

4. Nail Varnish - Models Own £5
This Fuzzy Peach nail varnish from Models Own looks like a great summer addition to my collection. I am usually a Barry M girl and have lots of their nail varnishes, but I've heard a lot of good things about this brand, and they offer a lot of colour choice. Their Models Own Wah nail pens are easy to use too.

5. Perfume - Chanel £50 (for 50ml Eau de Toilette)
I am a big fan of Chanel perfume as I don't think it's too over powering. My favourite is Coco Mademoiselle but this one is fast climbing. Chance is light and fragrant too. It offers a few different fragrances too.

6. T-Shirt - New Look Inspire £12.99
Another great t-shirt from new look inspire. I've seen a pleather look pencil skirt on very.co.uk and think that this top would look amazing on a night out tucked in with black heeled chunky boots. 

Gem xo

Saturday, 7 July 2012


Good evening.

How is everyone?

Today I went to Manchester with my Mum. We grabbed some dinner at Wagamamas. Yum Katsu curry. And then had a look around the shops. I picked up some tights and a tunic from Next. Which I'm not sure if I'm taking back yet, but if I don't I'll show you it! Anyway the weather has been very hit and miss, but today was boiling! And sunny! Although it doesn't look like it in this photo. So actually deciding what to wear is the hardest part of the day. I think I got it right, apart from the tights! I should have gone for leggings.

I threw this oversized tee on. I love the mint and grey together. As it's so long it can look like a short dress but I wore a black tube skirt I picked up from Primark ages ago, so the top would be the mos eye catching thing. I love how slouchy and big this top is though it's so comfy. The only thing is the front creases very easily, some times it adds to the slouchiness of the outfit, sometimes it doesn't. 

I love this silver filigree necklace. It was actually a keyring from a little shop in Brigton, but I dismantled it and put it on the long silver chain for a pretty heart shaped pendant. It makes a statement especially when I'm wearing black. I didn't wear these boots, but I needed to show you them. I don't know how I lived without them before now. Okay, that's an over exaggeration but they're very comfy and easy to walk in, and go with everything. I'm tempted to buy another pair and put them away so if I ruin these I won't be too upset. I mentioned them in my wants of the week not long ago and I'm so happy I bought them.  

Enjoy your Saturday nights!
Top - ASDA
Skirt - Primark
Boots - ASOS
Necklace - Made it myself
Tights - M&S

Gem xo

Wednesday, 4 July 2012


As I mentioned over the weekend I went to pick up my glasses. And I thought I'd share them with you! They're a wayfarer style with thick frames. I only need them to use the computers at work for long periods. And one of my eyes is a bit of a bogeye. But I'm really pleased with them. I got them in a dark brown as the black was too harsh against my skin tone. 

I love masculine style glasses, and thick rimmed ones over thinner ones anyday. And I'm a lot in love with these. My last ones were very uncool compared to these! 

What is your favourite style of glasses? 

Gem xo

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Return of the Mac

Annnddd most cliched blog title of the year award goes to Gemma! It's a bad one indeed, but with all this horrible weather around I had to invest in a light weight mac. I get hot too easily but need something a bit smarter and more work appropriate than my leather jacket. At £19.50 (I'm not sure how many times I've mentioned that price now, but I can't help it, I love a bargain) I think it's already my buy of the year. I have already worn it plenty of times too, so it will really get it's wear.

As we had a rainy monday I paired it with this burnt orange shirt that I've worn before. I think the preppiness of the shirt really compliments the mac. I also love macs with trousers. slim fit trousers preferably. Like a classic cigarette pant or skinny jean. I threw on these skinnies which you keep seeing too. I'm sorry! The weather is horrible and I refuse to buy any more winter clothes. Back on track, but for work I would definitely wear my black cigarette pants and ballet flats. All I need is a breton stripe top, and I'll have walked straight off the streets of Paris! Oh Oui!
Here you can see the material, and the quality of the style and cut. I even think the lining is amazing quality. It's waterproof too. I could go on and on about it but I'll stop now!

I got my delivery from ASOS today, including my dream boots, which I'm thinking of wearing to work tomorrow even though they're really not appropriate! 

Have a lovely evening!
Mac, shirt, jeans, boots - Dorothy Perkins
Necklace - Primark

(I swear this was not sponsored by Dorothy Perkins!!!!!)

Gem xo

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Wants of the Week #20

Here are some bits 'n' bobs I've been fancying this week.

1. Boots - ASOS £38
I spotted these boots on GemFatale's blog and I needed them. They are so like the Topshop ones that I couldn't get my hands on. And although they are not leather, for half the price they look just as good. They'll go with anything. 

2. Kimono - Dorothy Perkins (similar one £15)
This isn't on the website anymore :( but there is a different one thats a bit darker. I love these fringe kimono's they're very pretty and are great for summer cover ups. 

3. CKin2U - Calvin Klein £25
I love this perfume. I've just run out of it and it's a cheap perfume. You get a big bottle for around £20, which is good for me as I douse myself in the stuff sometimes. Also when I wear it I get compliments from girls and boys, and everyone seems to like it. 

4. Peace Bracelet - Mulberry £60
For a cheap slice of designer stuff, this bracelet is really cute. It would be a lovely gift for a friend or for yourself. I love the thin leather bracelets at the moment I think they're really cute.

5. Necklace - Forever 21 £5.65
I am very impressed with the amount of choice that Forever 21 offers in the way of jewelry. It's good prices as well which means that you an pick up a few different things in different styles without breaking the bank at all. I particularly love this necklace. It's different from a lot of pendant necklaces and has the tassles which I love.

6. Steam Cream - Feelunique £12.95
I really want to try the steam cream. It's a moisturiser that is really light. Not only is the moisturiser supposed to be  great, it's award winning don't ya know. But it comes in variety of cute tins. My particular favourite is this floral one, and there is a Big Ben one which is very chic to keep in your bag!

Gem xo