Tuesday, 10 July 2012

I Might Go Outside Today


Just a quick post today. I wore this little outfit to go for a meal with some friends the other evening and forgot to post it. I wanted something casual and comfy and I love all the slim leg trousers that are going round at the moment. They're quite grown up and formal, but I like to wear them casual with big shirts or t-shirts. It helps that masculine lines are quite big at the moment, so I can look chic without feeling slouchy.

I turned these beige pants up so they sit above my ankle rather than on it to fit in with the original cigarette pant shape. I love the neutral colour of these but hardly ever wear them as I think only black goes with them. Can you suggest any other colours? I threw this slouchy top over them as the colours were quite simple in it. The flash of purple makes the outfit a bit more interesting. I think a lilac nail would have looked lovely here too. To make sure the outfit didn't make me look super scruffy I shoved on my heeled brogues.
Fail safe top-knot hair too! My blog swap partner got me this necklace and I realised I hadn't worn it in any outfit photos yet. I usually wear it as a bracelet but it looked lovely worn as a long necklace.
T-shirt - New Look (really old)
Pants - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - Peacocks
Necklace - TopShop
Rings - Vintage/Pia/Market

Gem xo


  1. i really like this outfit and the subtle monochromic-ness of it... i say subtle cause of the pop of blue... so nice!

    1. ooooh love those colours and it really looks great on you, pefect for a meal with friends x

  2. ohhh really like the pants :) and your hair!!

  3. Love that top and love the style of trousers :) x


  4. the print of your tee is amaze.

    J x