Saturday, 30 June 2012

Cream of the Crop


How is everyone? It's been a bit of a busy week for me in work... and yesterday was sad as someone left,then we went for dinner at Nandos. And then I ended up going for drinks in the evening. Anyway, it's left me feeling a tad worse for wear today but I had to go and run some errands. INCLUDING, picking up some new glasses, which are lovely! I'm really pleased with them. I'm dedicating a whole blog post to them I love them that much. Yayyy. I also picked up some beauty products including the Garnier B.B. Cream which I'll do some reviews in the next couple of weeks when I've tried them out. 

I threw my new jumper on that I nabbed from Dorothy Perkins Sale. And it really is comfy. It's quite humid at the moment, so the light fabric make it perfect for the changeable weather from hot and sunny to rainy and dull. I chucked it over this tunic, also from DP and my omfy jeans, ALSO FROM DOROTHY PERKINS. I obviously can't pull myself away from that place. I think I achieved the laid back look I was going for. 
Here you can see the gold thread in the jumper which makes it prettier than your average cream cropped jumper. I have all the pastel nail colours from Barry M now after picking up this blue one a couple days ago. It does brighten up a lot of outfits for summer. I hope everyone is having a nice weekend, as always!

I may have been a bit naughty and bought a dress in the ASOS sale, and some boots. But I'm only a girl. I can't resist sales. Especially the amazing ASOS one.

Jeans, Top and Jumper - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - Schuh
Rings - Market, pia, vintage.

Gem xo

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Dorothy Perkins Haul

Just wanted to post about this successful little lot I got from Dorothy Perkins last Friday. I picked up some necessities (I needed all of this stuff, really need it) for work and wardrobe basics.

The first thing I added to my basket was this mac. It was in the sale for £19.50. Such a bargain. I thought it might be a tad small for me as the only size left was the size down. But I got it anyway and it's lovely. It fits nicely, especially around the arms and the material feels good quality. I mentioned this in my wants of the week and its lived up to my expectations. The little buttons are super cute as well.

I next bought a classic black blazer. Not in the sale but it's a wardrobe basic for myself. I chose this tuxedo style one. Its very smart and will smarten up some of the more casual things I wear to work, as well as being nice for evening wear too. The only downsize is it's a bit short, but I knew that when I ordered it.

The last thing is this jumper, I picked this up in the sale too. And I've been looking for a light jumper to wear for summer. This one with gold thread within the knit is really pretty, and subtle too. As well as being quite thin and light which is what I was looking for.

I also picked up a tunic, but thats going back as it's way too short on me and sits like a t-shirt! Which isn't what I wanted. Oh well, 3 outta 4 isn't bad at all!!

Have you been lucky in all these sales that seem to be happening at the moment? I noticed all the Clement Ribeiro for Evans dresses were all a third of the price, like £25 for a dress that was previously £75, so go and have a look if you have any formal events coming up!

Gem xo

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Suits You.

Haha at my face in the first place. This is how I look at work. I truly love a man in a suit, as I've said countless times before. And I regularly, unashamedly check them out. But I hate women's pant suits, I think they're so boring. So for work, as I've mentioned before, I try to mix it up with pretty dresses, and simple outfits. I tried to dress up a little bit today so threw this blazer on. I also went to a little sushi bar called Samsi with my friends at work, which was lovely, and I'd suggest it to anyone if they're looking for a great lunch. 6 sushi dishes for £6.95, and there is lots of choice, and they'll make ones up for you if you like a certain type of sushi.

This is the midi skirt I wore a couple weeks ago when it was super sunny, now the rain has set in as usual for summer I've had to don the tights. I do think the two outfits show how versatile the skirt is though and I think the length and pleating are really flattering. I wore it high-waisted with a black tee tucked in to create a waist. I love the navy blue of the skirt and matched it with this preppy blazer I picked up from M&S outlet store in Manchester. I can't wait to wear this with skinny blue jeans and a loose vest for casual day wear. I've seen the blazer and jeans look on quite a lot of people in general and think it's a nice alternative to my leather jacket I can't seem to get out of wearing.
I wore this green jewelry set which went nicely with the navy. 

I'm still awaiting my massive package that I ordered from Dorothy Perkins on Friday night. But when it gets here I'll do a haul post, as I got some great stuff from their main line, and snapped a few goodies in their sale as well. 

Oh I'm also thinking of signing back up to a beauty box. I originally had Glossybox, and I loved it, but the Joliebox looks lovely too. Can anyone suggest a good one that they've liked?

Skirt - Primark
Blazer - M&S Outlet Store
T-Shirt - Dorothy Perkins
Tights - M&S
Shoes - Primark

Gem xo

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Wants of the Week #19

Ah the weekend, a time to relax. And shop! I have been trying to save, but getting paid is a blessing and a curse as I can't stop myself. I just know there is money in my bank account, and the internet is so bad for my temptation as well. I've only ordered one lot of things from Dorothy Perkins, but they were things I needed. Like a black blazer...

1. Mac - Dorothy Perkins £19
And this mac. I mean for under twenty pound in the sale I can't really moan. I've been hankering after a mac for a while, as the weather is so rainy for June, but too hot for a full on coat. I like the navy edging as well which means it'll go with a lot of things. Including the navy dress I've been recently eyeing up on ASOS Curve.

2. Black Skirt - H&M £2.99
What a bargain! I've been after an A-line black skirt for a while, as they're a bit younger than pencil skirts. And a little bit prettier too. Unfortunately this one is all sold out now, darnit. But at that price what should I expect!

3. Collar - Dorothy Perkins £14
This collar is really pretty. It would look lovely over a simple black LBD for nights out. Or just as great with a white tee and blue skinny jeans. I really think this is a statement necklace though.

4. BB Cream - Garnier £6
I hardly wear foundation as I find it gives me spots and makes my skin dry. I'd like to try this BB cream which, from the reviews, looks a lot more moisturising and lighter on the skin.

5. Primer - Benefit £21.15
The Porefessional has been getting rave reviews on blogs. And I managed to pick up THE glamour magazine, and grabbed the sample of this. I have fallen in love with it. I only really wear it on my nose, and cheeks and t-zone as that is where my pores are most visible, but it feels and looks really good.

6. Boots - Topshop £75
Love these boots. Again, like the necklace above. They'd look great with blue skinnies and a basic t-shirt. I love the colour too, it makes a very nice difference from Black which, at the moment, all my shoes are that colour.

7. Chub Stick - Clinique £16
I really really want to try these sticks. They look lovely on, as my mum tried one in boots today. This colour particularly caught my eye as I saw someone on T.V (OKAY I WAS WATCHING BIG BROTHER) wearing a dusky pink. And this looks like the right sort of colour. 

Anyway hope everyone enjoys their weekend and saturday night. I'm off to order pizza and have a movie night in. Yum! 

Gem xo

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Long Beautiful Hair

Is what I want! I had a bob for ages in college but hated it. And now my hair is long. I love the way it looks. But it takes some maintaining. Mainly, the thing that is missing from my hair is moisture. So I look for anything that will hydrate my hair. I've tried brands from the salon, and cheaper end stuff. But my favourite is this set above. 

I don't usually write beauty blogs, as I am no expert and only know what suits myself. I think make up and beauty products are a very personal thing, noone's skin/ hair/ colouring is the same. But when I find something I think people will like I like to share it. This herbal essences set has really helped my hair out. I haven't cut it since November 2011, yet the ends still look good when I am continuously using this product. It smells lovely too! And people always say they can smell it. It doesn't make my hair greasy, which is another problem for me. And when I need an extra boost they have a deep nourishment and shine intensive mask, which really helps. 

To keep my ends looking neat I use this cheap alternative to Moroccan Oil. This was from Boots and I really like it. Although it does make my hair greasy at the top if I put it too close to my roots.

What's your favourite shampoo and conditioner? Can you recommend any you like better?

Gem xo

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Farter's Day

Goood evening,

I had such a busy weekend, so there was no time for a wants of the week, or any wanting at all for that matter. For Sunday was not about me, but my father. For he, is the man of the house, the bread winner. Yada, yada. I had to cook him a lovely meal, roast ham with all the trimmings, and coconut cupcakes. I also bought him a power tool. So I doubt anyone who reads my blog would be interested in seeing that on a wants of the week list. Oh, and my Grandad got a watering can and a year subscription to Good Food Magazine. I know you were all dying to know.. Anyway, all the family came over and we all got dressed up. This is what I wore for dinner. Minus the boots as we were in the house. 

This pink dress from Next is fast climbing up my favourite things to wear. It's so easy to put on and can be dressed up or down with leggings and pumps. The pleated skirt is lovely and floaty and the colour isn't something I'd usually go for, but it looks nice with all black accessories. I paired it with this collar that I got for my birthday to give it a grown up, classy look. But a black studded belt and chunky boots gives me the rock edge I always seem to go for. I'm getting bored of my hair too, but don't want to cut it. Can you suggest any styles? I was thinking a full on fringe, but not sure how much I'd suit it! I could always part it if I hated it.
And here is the collar in all it's glory. It was never a four pound, I hear you cry!? Indeed it was. Bargain. Hope everyone has a lovely fathers day anyway :D

Dress - Next
Collar - Present
Tights - Peacocks
Boots - Office
Cardigan - Charity Shop

Gem xo

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Feed Me To The Lions


Hope everyone's week has been fun. I'm still not back on blog track this week as I've been busy but I'm trying to post 4 x a week and varying my content, to make it fun for me, and hopefully my readers too. My week has been okay. Except my car broke down this morning, so I couldn't go and do some work. Which was awful, because it was the Elton John gig in Blackpool and I'd have loved to go and work it. I have a massive guilt complex and have felt guilty all day. But I managed to get my eyes tested and got some new glasses. Which added to my guilt complex even more! Anyway, I wore this outfit almost a week ago to go to a food festival in Southport. If you follow me on Instagram, you'd have seen the amazing snow cone I got from the festival which was grape, apply and blueberry flavour. It was rainy in the morning so I threw this outfit on. Then it got sunnier and swapped my boots for pumps. Then it was boiling, so I wish I'd have thrown a sundress on. But that's British weather for you.

I got this t-shirt for my birthday and love it. It's really big and slouchy and the print is on trend. I love wearing it with leggings and converse on lazy days as it's long and loose enough to wear with leggings. I wore them here with these black skinny jeans and converse on the day, but here you can see I threw my favourite black chelsea boots on to give me a bit more height, not that I need it.
My lovely friend Adele got me these bracelets from Wales. Aren't they lovely. There was a whole stack of pretty bracelets with stones and silver filigree pendants but I love these two in particular. Just my taste. So thank you Adele!

Enjoy your weekend! It's fathers day tomorrow so I have to wrap those presents, and I'm seeing my good friend whose visiting from Brighton tonight. So not even a lazy weekend!

Jeans - Dorothy Perkins
T-shirt - ASDA
Boot s- Office
Bracelets - Presents
Ring - Vintage shop

Gem xo

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Orange You Happy?

I said I was going to post something from the week, and I will but I just wanted to share what I wore today. This is just another work outfit, but I managed to incorporate the creepers into the outfit, and wore them at work today. I think they just look like chunky brogue though, which compliments the manly shirt. I am a sucker for a chunky brogue, but haven't found any I really like for ages, if you want to suggest some websites, or nice ones you've found it would be greatly appreciated.

Anyway, I picked up this flippy skirt in the sale in Primark, for £3 again, just like the Aztec one! It's really flattering and I usually wear it as a high waisted skirt. I think this is an easy outfit that includes colour blocking, and the colour is perfect for summer. It's also quite long, I just pulled it up here, so I wouldn't have to show all of my legs which I'm a bit self conscious about. I just paired it with my black button down shirt and black thick tights to smarten it up, but it would be lovely with a vest for a night out, and chunky tan wedges if/when it ever gets hot again.
They're really comfy surprisingly, and I'm getting used to the really flat sole. The suede makes them look a bit more expensive than they were, but I think they'll go a bit patchy with wear. 

What is your favourite outfit for work?

Skirt -Primark
Shirt - Peacocks
Tights- Tesco
Shoes - Vintage Fair 
Necklace - Charity Shop

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Liverpool Vintage Fair

I really wanted to share these photos with you, and share this event too.

On Saturday I went to a Vintage Textiles and Clothes fair at St. Georges Hall in Liverpool. It was a lovely day with cakes and tea, as well as so many stands selling clothes, jewelry, curtains, bags and shoes. I think, this fair was extra special as it was held in the beautiful St. Georges Hall, which is actually breathtaking as you walk in. And I pretend I'm really cool most of the time, but I was in awe at this building. I took a few photos of the event and they turned out beautifully. I didn't think they would with the lighting, but it was on my side this time! 
I didn't buy much from the fair as I was still fairly skint. But I saw a beautiful floral 50's style dress. But at fifty pound I couldn't stretch to it. And a denim studded waistcoat, which was also amazing. I did manage to pick up a couple of bits though that were going at the cheaper end of the spectrum. If I had lots of money, I could have bought almost everything! 

I picked up these unworn vintage creepers. I never really saw the attraction in them, until I saw this pair. They're much less invasive than the proper ones, and have a brogue twist in them. They're very cute indeed. This peace bracelet was also very sweet, the lady handmade them with lots of different symbols and items hung on them. I was looking for an infinity symbol, but this one is just as nice. The best find, was this cuff I found rummaging by some empty stands. It has a ring attached and I love how simple it is, but how much it will stand out and catch peoples eyes. 

I have a few outfit posts from the weekend too on the way this week. Thanks for reading, hope you liked the photos!

Gem xo

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Wants of the Week #18

Evening, just a little post to say whats caught my eye this week. The dog situation is better, he's on a waiting list for 6 weeks, and in that time we have to try with him, get him neutered, train him, and give him one final chance. So I'm feeling better about that. Which means I've felt better about blogging and have a few posts lined up, one I'm really looking forward to writing about particularly... anyway onto today's post.

1. Necklace - River Island £5
A cute gold costume jewelry necklace. I love this symbol and the cross symbol too at the moment. I think I like how simple they are and the clean lines used in the design. I think I'd prefer this is silver though to go with a little bracelet I have.

2. Belt - ASOS Curve £6
I love the selection of skinny belts that asos curve have at the moment, and great prices too. I think a tan belt and a black belt should be in everyones wardrobe. I like this simple one, and the studded black and silver belt.

3. Eye liner - Stila £14
I hardly go a day without wearing a black eyeliner. And this one looks like a nice little addition to my collection. Not only is it waterproof, but it's sparkly too. This one would probably be for special occasions. Ooh I sound like my Grandma.

4.  Cardigan - New Look Inspire £24.99
What a great cover up for summer. The dip dye trend is still going strong, and this cardigan would look great with some skinnies and a white vest top for a relaxed outfit. Or with the jeans next to it.

5. Jeans - New Look Inspire £26.99
I never usually go for something so bright. But these jeans look so pretty. Must be having a pink moment this week.

6. Creepers - AX Paris £26.99
I wouldn't usually go for creepers either but these brogue ones caught my eye. I actually bought a pair yesterday from a vintage market in Liverpool, and they're very similar. But these ones are just as good.

Thank you for the lovely messages on my previous post I really appreciated everyones kindness. I'm looking forward to posting and reading everyones blogs I've missed whilst moping about Marley!

Gem xo

Friday, 8 June 2012

Any Other Way?

Hello lovelies. 

This will be a short post today as I'm not in the mood for blogging at the moment. My parents are having to get rid of our dog, and I'm pretty bummed out about it. It's for his own good, he's going to a farm (I promise this is not a euphemism for 'my dog died', I questioned my parents too when they said he's going to 'the farm') where he can be trained as a sheep dog, and be with someone all the time. He's become destructive and needs attention and looking after constantly. But for selfish reasons I don't want him to go, plus no one will cuddle him like I do. I'll miss that little bugger.

Anyway, I went out for dinner and wore this skirt, wish I hadn't worn something so nice for the time I'm getting told my dogs going away, it's now tainted. I do like the skirt though It's from Primark and I managed to grab it at the lovely price of £3. I've seen it on LLYMLRS, and she looks lovely in it if you want to see it styled differently. I paired it with this black top with gold detailing and black chunky boots.
I can't get enough of this print at the moment, and nearly bought a top in Primark too, until my Mum pointed out I was going overboard.

Anyway, I'm off to have some cuddles with Marley. Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

Skirt - Primark
Top - M&S
Tights - Peacocks
Boots - Office
Ring - Old

Gem xo

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

3rd Time Lucky

And how is everyone today? Getting over their bank holiday parties in the UK? I certainly am. I'm just lazing around. I've done a few things to celebrate the jubilee this weekend, went to a carnival and had a pleasant meal and little party with family. But last night I went and drank in the Queens name. I'm not a massive drinker at all, so today I'm feeling a tad rough and a little bit tender. I wore this outfit yesterday to have lunch with my parents before heading out with my friends last night. Me and my family love good pub food, and as it's jubilee weekend that's as good a reason as any to head to a pub and spend time with family and friends.

This is the third time I've worn this top on my blog. And I still like to wear it. It's quite baggy and comfy and with the stripes looks quite chic with skinnies and flat pumps. I always turn to stripes when I'm going casual as they keep the outfit classy. These skinnies are my favourite jeans, I've told you about them before and I really do recommend buying them. I got them in black for my birthday too. These flat loafers are part of my work wardrobe, but again they stop this outfit looking too slobbish.
I haven't actually worn these out of the house yet. But I really love them. I've seen bug eye sunglasses on quite a few bloggers including gabifresh, who has the best collection of sunglasses I ever saw, and I always love how they look on people. So when I saw these for £2 in Primark I had to pick them up to try. I'm hoping for some more sun now so I can wear them properly!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend, and is enjoying their week so far!

Jeans - Dorothy Perkins
T-shirt - ASDA (really old)
Glasses - Primark 
Loafers - Dorothy Perkins
Necklace - Primark

Gem xo

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Wants of the week #17

In honour of the Queen I've done a jubilee special. I've celebrated by going to a carnival today, ate chips and got soaked wet through, I also wore a vibrant red wig, which matched Kate Middleton's suit!. But it was still nice to have a little celebration of the Queen. I came home and watch the pageant on tele with my family, and tried to warm up from getting so wet! It inspired me to do this post.

1. & 2. Dresses - H&M £15 & £12.99
Love these two dresses. Both simple and easy to wear with leggings or bare legs if the sun is in your favour. I love the floral one particularly and would have been great at a jubilee party this weekend if anyone went.

4. White Union Jack t-shirt - Evans £19.50
Apparently I missed three out, my apologies! Motif tops are always popular, and the union Jack print will always be popular too. This white one is easy to wear with jeans and pumps.

5. Black Union Jack t-shirt - AX Paris £18
Another great motif top! This one could be worn on a night out with a black high waisted shirt and a leather jacket for a more British Rock Chick look. Always showing your support for the queen!

6. Bag - Radley (ebay price) £18.95
A pretty bag, by a British company. Usually worn by the more mature woman, the queen would maybe use these bags actually! This shopper is a lot more casual and cute, with the typical Radley Icon.

7.Red Skirt - Debenhams £27
Kate was wearing something very similar this afternoon and I liked the all red look. Very royal indeed. I love midi skirts too, I think they flatter everyone and are always very pretty and feminine.

8. Royal Rings - Topshop £10
I love these rings so much! They're so cute. And if you just want to subtly support the queen these are the way to go. They also come in Gold.

Im off for some jubilee tea and cake. Enjoy your evening!!

Gem xo