Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Farter's Day

Goood evening,

I had such a busy weekend, so there was no time for a wants of the week, or any wanting at all for that matter. For Sunday was not about me, but my father. For he, is the man of the house, the bread winner. Yada, yada. I had to cook him a lovely meal, roast ham with all the trimmings, and coconut cupcakes. I also bought him a power tool. So I doubt anyone who reads my blog would be interested in seeing that on a wants of the week list. Oh, and my Grandad got a watering can and a year subscription to Good Food Magazine. I know you were all dying to know.. Anyway, all the family came over and we all got dressed up. This is what I wore for dinner. Minus the boots as we were in the house. 

This pink dress from Next is fast climbing up my favourite things to wear. It's so easy to put on and can be dressed up or down with leggings and pumps. The pleated skirt is lovely and floaty and the colour isn't something I'd usually go for, but it looks nice with all black accessories. I paired it with this collar that I got for my birthday to give it a grown up, classy look. But a black studded belt and chunky boots gives me the rock edge I always seem to go for. I'm getting bored of my hair too, but don't want to cut it. Can you suggest any styles? I was thinking a full on fringe, but not sure how much I'd suit it! I could always part it if I hated it.
And here is the collar in all it's glory. It was never a four pound, I hear you cry!? Indeed it was. Bargain. Hope everyone has a lovely fathers day anyway :D

Dress - Next
Collar - Present
Tights - Peacocks
Boots - Office
Cardigan - Charity Shop

Gem xo


  1. Cute necklace!


  2. Gorgeous outfit! Love the collar and the dress. I think a fringe would suit you or you could get lots of layers cut in without losing all the length?

  3. I love the collar necklace, get it girl!

  4. I bought that collar! Cant wait to wear it! Love the pink on you. You look stunning as usual :) x