Saturday, 16 June 2012

Feed Me To The Lions


Hope everyone's week has been fun. I'm still not back on blog track this week as I've been busy but I'm trying to post 4 x a week and varying my content, to make it fun for me, and hopefully my readers too. My week has been okay. Except my car broke down this morning, so I couldn't go and do some work. Which was awful, because it was the Elton John gig in Blackpool and I'd have loved to go and work it. I have a massive guilt complex and have felt guilty all day. But I managed to get my eyes tested and got some new glasses. Which added to my guilt complex even more! Anyway, I wore this outfit almost a week ago to go to a food festival in Southport. If you follow me on Instagram, you'd have seen the amazing snow cone I got from the festival which was grape, apply and blueberry flavour. It was rainy in the morning so I threw this outfit on. Then it got sunnier and swapped my boots for pumps. Then it was boiling, so I wish I'd have thrown a sundress on. But that's British weather for you.

I got this t-shirt for my birthday and love it. It's really big and slouchy and the print is on trend. I love wearing it with leggings and converse on lazy days as it's long and loose enough to wear with leggings. I wore them here with these black skinny jeans and converse on the day, but here you can see I threw my favourite black chelsea boots on to give me a bit more height, not that I need it.
My lovely friend Adele got me these bracelets from Wales. Aren't they lovely. There was a whole stack of pretty bracelets with stones and silver filigree pendants but I love these two in particular. Just my taste. So thank you Adele!

Enjoy your weekend! It's fathers day tomorrow so I have to wrap those presents, and I'm seeing my good friend whose visiting from Brighton tonight. So not even a lazy weekend!

Jeans - Dorothy Perkins
T-shirt - ASDA
Boot s- Office
Bracelets - Presents
Ring - Vintage shop

Gem xo


  1. I love that top on you, really suits you :) x

  2. lovely colours in that top, looks fab x

  3. Oh so cool! I love vintage! Nice.