Sunday, 10 June 2012

Wants of the Week #18

Evening, just a little post to say whats caught my eye this week. The dog situation is better, he's on a waiting list for 6 weeks, and in that time we have to try with him, get him neutered, train him, and give him one final chance. So I'm feeling better about that. Which means I've felt better about blogging and have a few posts lined up, one I'm really looking forward to writing about particularly... anyway onto today's post.

1. Necklace - River Island £5
A cute gold costume jewelry necklace. I love this symbol and the cross symbol too at the moment. I think I like how simple they are and the clean lines used in the design. I think I'd prefer this is silver though to go with a little bracelet I have.

2. Belt - ASOS Curve £6
I love the selection of skinny belts that asos curve have at the moment, and great prices too. I think a tan belt and a black belt should be in everyones wardrobe. I like this simple one, and the studded black and silver belt.

3. Eye liner - Stila £14
I hardly go a day without wearing a black eyeliner. And this one looks like a nice little addition to my collection. Not only is it waterproof, but it's sparkly too. This one would probably be for special occasions. Ooh I sound like my Grandma.

4.  Cardigan - New Look Inspire £24.99
What a great cover up for summer. The dip dye trend is still going strong, and this cardigan would look great with some skinnies and a white vest top for a relaxed outfit. Or with the jeans next to it.

5. Jeans - New Look Inspire £26.99
I never usually go for something so bright. But these jeans look so pretty. Must be having a pink moment this week.

6. Creepers - AX Paris £26.99
I wouldn't usually go for creepers either but these brogue ones caught my eye. I actually bought a pair yesterday from a vintage market in Liverpool, and they're very similar. But these ones are just as good.

Thank you for the lovely messages on my previous post I really appreciated everyones kindness. I'm looking forward to posting and reading everyones blogs I've missed whilst moping about Marley!

Gem xo


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