Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Dorothy Perkins Haul

Just wanted to post about this successful little lot I got from Dorothy Perkins last Friday. I picked up some necessities (I needed all of this stuff, really need it) for work and wardrobe basics.

The first thing I added to my basket was this mac. It was in the sale for £19.50. Such a bargain. I thought it might be a tad small for me as the only size left was the size down. But I got it anyway and it's lovely. It fits nicely, especially around the arms and the material feels good quality. I mentioned this in my wants of the week and its lived up to my expectations. The little buttons are super cute as well.

I next bought a classic black blazer. Not in the sale but it's a wardrobe basic for myself. I chose this tuxedo style one. Its very smart and will smarten up some of the more casual things I wear to work, as well as being nice for evening wear too. The only downsize is it's a bit short, but I knew that when I ordered it.

The last thing is this jumper, I picked this up in the sale too. And I've been looking for a light jumper to wear for summer. This one with gold thread within the knit is really pretty, and subtle too. As well as being quite thin and light which is what I was looking for.

I also picked up a tunic, but thats going back as it's way too short on me and sits like a t-shirt! Which isn't what I wanted. Oh well, 3 outta 4 isn't bad at all!!

Have you been lucky in all these sales that seem to be happening at the moment? I noticed all the Clement Ribeiro for Evans dresses were all a third of the price, like £25 for a dress that was previously £75, so go and have a look if you have any formal events coming up!

Gem xo


  1. Great choices! I need a classic mac and blazer myself. I've picked up a few bits off ASOS, and just grabbed loads of bargains from The Body Shop. :)

  2. I love the blazer, i've been looking for a blazer like that for ages. I'm going to check it out and fingers crossed it will still be in by payday! x

    1. you got some bargains! I'm going to check the sale out on pay day :)

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