Thursday, 31 May 2012



The sun has gone away again, but before it went I managed to wear these amazing trousers. I went out for a meal on Monday to Frankie and Bennys as they have Monday Madness, which is 25 % off. Which is a nice little surprise we didn't know about. I wanted to wear these trousers but wasn't sure how to style them. I'm glad I got a wear out of them before the sun went, but I'll definitely be wearing them for work to steer clear from grey and black.

These floral cigarette pants are from Tesco and I love them. They're very comfy and are quite big really, unless they're meant to be baggy. If you want them a little bit tighter, or slimmer on the leg, I'd size down. There is an elastic waist too so don't worry about them fitting around the waist. These ankle grazers are just subtle enough for me. I've seen tribal print trousers I'm dying to try, but I just needed to test the water with these printed trousers first. I paired them with a black t-shirt to keep all eyes on my pants, and these neutral wedges from H&M. They also look smart with my high heeled brogues too for office wear, with a black classic blazer. The cute bow necklace was for my birthday and is really pretty. I can't wait to wear it with shirts, and looks lovely with LBD's!
You can see the ditzy floral print more on this photo. The colours are red, blue, yellow and green. I'm eyeing up a mint green shirt to wear with them to add a bit more colour. What dya think?

Have you braved the floral pants yet this season?

Thank you so much for all the birthday love on my previous post, it was lovely!!

Pants - Tesco
T-Shirt - Dorothy Perkins
Wedges- H&M
Bow Necklace - Present

Gem xo

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

She's Older Now

Just wanted to share with you some of my lovely gifts I got for my birthday. I'll stop going on about it now but I really appreciate all the happy birthdays and gifts I recieved both on and off my blog. So a big thank you indeed :)

My mum knew I wanted t-shirts, and big ones at that, so she went and bought me lots of casual tops that I can wear including this aztec print one, and this mint green one. Both on trend I was quite surprised my mum had hit both trends on the head! I got some beauty products, some of my favourites like Liz Earle, Benefit bits and Barry M nail varnish. This D&G perfume was a surprise but I really like it, it's a bit fruity, but not too sweet. 

You can't really see it but I got a vintage silver bow broach which will look so pretty on a button down shirt. It's really quirky but simple! I got a Mulberry keyring too, which is quite special as it's my first item that has a label! Lets hope I can one day buy a bag to match! Or someone will buy me one to match *cough*

The thing I love the most is this pearl collar. It's from Primark and I love my mum for remembering I wanted one. I had priced them in TopShop but they were too expensive, so I'm glad my mum picked up this little one at a snippet of the price!

Thanks again for the lovely messages!

Gem xo

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

You Know How I Feel

Another sunny day, another simple light outfit. As it was my birthday yesterday I had a family BBQ on Sunday afternoon/evening which I really enjoyed. There was chicken and burgers and my family never have proper BBQ's so I was quite pleased they put one on for my birthday. I drank fruity ciders and had yummy cheesecake too so I'm still full today! I took these photos in the garden so you don't get bored of my bedroom wall. I had my mum take this photos and she was really good, surprisingly! Telling me how to pose and being patient (for once in her life). Yesterday I went out for dinner just with my parents and I have an outfit to show you from that later on this week too. 

This midi skirt is a firm favourite in my summer wardrobe. It's so comfy, and floaty and of course simple. The length is on trend and I much prefer midi length to maxi length. It looks a bit cooler and vintage. The navy blue means it's safe to wear on the bottom, safe from spillages as I am a mucky pup. I paired it with this stripy top. I love the green and red colours and it goes lovely with the navy colour of the skirt. I also think stripes are a classic. So, I might invest in a breton style top to go with this skirt too. 
Going for the pastel colours on my nails in form of this mint green. I love how it pops out against the darker tones of the outfit. I don't usually wear this many colours in one outfit, but I quite like how they all blend together.

Hope everyone has had a lovely start to the week. I have a lot of catching up to do in the blog world with all the sun, birthday celebrations and cider drinking I've been doing recently.

Skirt &Top - Primark
Necklace - Primark
Sandals - Charity Shop
Rings - Vintage, Pia.

Gem xo

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Wants of the Week #16

I'm sat in the garden writing this with a cold cider. Yummm. I have no idea why I have gone for a white palet, maybe in this sun I'm just looking for the simplest things to wear, and that involves toning down colour and pattern.

1.Aztec Print Top - Dorothy Perkins £19.50
Perfect top for summer. It would look lovely with cut off denim shorts and converse for a laid back look. I like the dipped back which means it would cover my bum if I were to wear it with leggings as it gets a bit cooler.

2. White Sleeveless Shirt - Dorothy Perkins £26
Another simple addition to any wardrobe. I like the length of this and the subtle pattern on the material. White shirts always look classy, and are always a staple. Mix it up a little for summer with this sleeveless one. DP has lots of this style to choose from as well.

3. Aztec Print Bag - Park Lane @ ASOS £34
On sale at the moment. So this bag is lovely. It would work perfectly for festivals and gigs. I love the beaded front which makes it so pretty. And the long strap means its versatile and hands-free. 

4. White Pumps - TOMS £35
I was initially looking for white espadrilles. And still want a pair of classic ones. But if you're looking for some, like I am, that last longer than a couple of wears, these TOMS ones are so much better. I can't wait to make them stink to high heaven, all TOMS go smelly after a period of time.

5. White Boat Shoes - River Island £22
I fell out of love with boat shoes last summer as I wore them all the time. These are a tad more masculine though than my previous ones so I do like these shoes. Boat shoes are always so comfy as well, and a great summer alternative to sandals.

6. White Cotton Dress - ASOS Curve £40
My wishlists wouldn't be complete without a pretty dress from ASOS curve. This pretty number will go with everything, can be dressed up or down and is made of cotton, so I can only imagine how comfy they will be.

I'm having a family BBQ for my birthday tonight so I'm going to help my mum clear the garden a bit, but enjoy the rest of your Sunday! 

Gem xo

Friday, 25 May 2012

He Loves Me.

Is everyone enjoying the heat!? It certainly makes people happier. And it's actually so hot, I got my legs out yesterday evening. I went out for dinner with my mum to a pub called The Waterside, and it's lovely. It is next to a river and has willows hanging over where you sit and eat. We were discussing what I wanted for my birthday, and if I wanted to do anything for it. I'm not really a massive fan of clubbing, and don't want to just go out for a meal. So I doubt I'll end up doing anything, besides just with family! Forever Alone, obviouslyyyyy.

Anyway, I stuck this long coral tunic on as it's the only bright thing I have in my closet, and stuck this floral blazer on over it. I wear this blazer to work and it just brightens everything up so much.  Even when I'm just wearing a black dress I like to pop it on. I love it so much, and it goes with lots of things because of all the colours in it too. I got my legs out and did feel a tad self conscious as I never get them out, they're quite pasty and a tad wobbly at the top. But this dress covered all that and I didn't mind the milky look quite so much when I had a pint of cold cider in my belly.  I stuck these chunky chelsea boots on to make my legs look a little bit longer, but would probably wear sandals if I were to wear this outfit again in the near future!
I should have painted my nails a powder blue to bring out the blue in the jacket as the red doesn't really go, oops!

I love reading blogs in the summer to see what everyone wears, it fascinates me how many of you stylish ladies still look so cool and collected and manage to wear pretty clothes too in the heat! Enjoy your weekend my loves! 

Dress - Primark
Blazer - George @ ASDA
Boots - Office
Necklace - Made myself @Warren James.

Gem xo

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Summer Tunes.

It's so hot! I'm actually melting I can feel myself melting away. Ew, that's horrible! Since it's so hot, and now's the time you spend with your friends out at BBQ's and on the beach listening to music. And you make great memories! I wanted to share a couple of my favourite summer tunes that I've been listening to this week. Some are summery and accompany your bbq'd chicken wing perfectly, some are just good tunes! Just trying to add some more interest to my blog!

Rudimental ft. John Newman- Feel the Love

This is such a summer song. It has a great lyrical hook (sung with a lovely, deep voice) which stops this song becoming just another track full of beats, and a great bass line. If you were throwing any outside parties this weekend and want people to dance this is the song you should go for. I think a lot of people will create great memories to this track over the summer months. Watch it here.

Delilah - Breathe

From light-hearted to not so much. I'm a massive fan of Delilah's tone and voice. This chilled out track is another one to listen to in the sun. Even though the lyrics are quite dark at times, the style of this track is really mellow and meaningful. Her style in this video is on point as well with bold brows, a studded denim jacket and a classic button down. Watch it here.

Coldplay ft. Rihanna - Princess of China

I love this song, I always find myself singing it throughout the day. I love both Rihanna, and Coldplay in different ways but  they seem to compliment each other so well. It's quite a poppy track but really brings out a softer voice in Rihanna than we're used to. It has a lot of synthy sounds, and is very well produced. Not cheesy at all! You can watch it here.

Ben Howard - Only Love

A proper festival tune. Another song that's quite laid back and lovely. I love the sound of this track, it sounds like a live version. A good live version, may I add? With the guitar and lyric doing most of the work on the track, which I love. I've been a fan of Ben's since his album came out last year, Keep Your Head up was my favourite track on it, but now this is on parr since it's ont he radio ALL THE TIME.  It really does need to be listened to in a field though! Preferably with a straw fedora, a can of cider and a tassly dress! You can watch it here
(DISCLAIMER: The fact Ben Howard's a babe too, may/may not have helped me in my liking of his album)

Anyway, they're just the tracks I've been listening to this week. Hope you enjoyed this little diversion from my usual talk about clothes! Here's a sneak peak of the outfit I wore this evening to go for dinner with my Mum to talk about my birthday on Monday. I shall post a full outfit tomorrow!
Gem xo

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Totally Misjudged the Sunshine

Major sleepy face there, trying to get up and do outfit photos in the morning is a bit of a killer so I apologise for my tired eyes! I wore this last week when the weather was dull and rainy, and it was very apt indeed! It's so warm today I just wore a white shirt, waistcoat and pencil skirt. Not that exciting but what I've ironed for tomorrow is pretty and summery, well one item is, so I'll show you that later in the week.

This spotty dress is lovely for the office, it's light and floaty and I don't feel boxed into a structured dress. I do the buttons up on the top for working to get the preppy look rather than leave it open. It looks better buttoned up too, not as if my boobs are popping out. That's one of the good things about this dress, the ample chest area. The full skirt is a lovely length and I'm in love with the polka dots. It looks cute with a red jumper over the top in winter. I wore my high heeled brogues to smarten up the look a lot more. But as you can tell, I'll never be one of those girls who just wears a grey pinstripe trouser suit. Ever. And if you see me in one, you can stone me. or spit in my eyyyeeee.
More boobs. Sorry about this. I think by pointing them out makes it worse as well. To add a subtle hint of colour I wore this green stone necklace from Topshop xmas sale and the matching ring.

I promise I won't keep posting what I wear to work, it's just I bought some fun clothes for work and this is my only outlet to talk about them! Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine in the UK, lets hope it keeps up for my birthday next Sunday/Monday!

Dress &Slip - ASDA
Shoes - Primark (heeled brogues - Peacocks)
Tights - Tesco
Necklace - Topshop
Belt - Dorothy Perkins

Gem xo

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Wants of the Week #15

It's my birthday in a week. Turning the big 21. Again. I posted my 21st birthday outfit ages ago, you say? I have no idea what you're talking about, definitely turning 21. +1. 

As you can see, I have issues with getting older but just like the name of the shop I'll be Forever21. Anyway, I'm making a wishlist a week early in a hope my parentals will see it lying around on any surface and buy me something. Orrrr, if any of the kind people that read my blog would like to send something over? No? Okay then!

1. Blondie T-Shirt - ASOS Curve £18
Such a cute t-shirt I'd probably order this in a couple sizes up so I could wear it with leggings. I love Blondie and I'm so happy to see some band t's in plus sizes now! ASOS you are on to a winner with this one.

2. Bird Print T-Shirt - ASOS Curve £22
Another cute sloucy t-shirt. It's actually flamingo print, and is quite kitsch and quirky. I love the pastel colours in the t-shirt, and would be a great wardrobe summer staple. It looks cute with the denim shorts on the website too, so I may have to invest in some of them to wear.

3. Black Bracelet - Pandora £45
Another Pandora find. I love their Jewelry as it's always so delicate. But you do have to be careful as everyone seems to end up getting the same thing. This pretty black woven bracelet is right up my street as it's not too pretty, I probably wouldn't wear a charm on it, or I'd wear a pretty simple one!

4. Polaroid Camera - Amazon (from) £69.49
I've had a polaroid camera for yonks now. I love them as the photo is always special you can't replicate that exact shot. Plus I love photography (only as a hobby) and this little camera would be a great addition. I was gutted when they stopped making the old film, but hopefully this will carry on, and become popular again!

5. Grey Bag - Zara £19.99
Blog trend alert! So so simple, and thats what I love in my handbags. It's a good size too, and I love the soft grey colour of it. I'm drawn to the red too, but I know I would not get as much wear out of it. 

6. Black, floral dress - Dorothy Perkins £30
Everyone needs a party dress, I actually have mine already! But I love this dark floral dress. Ir puts a spin on pastel florals for summer, if you prefer the rock look. The preppy button up style is lovely too and it's a pretty dress for a night out.

7. Navy Spot Dress - Dorothy Perkins £24.99
Another cute dress, this 1950's style dress is really pretty, and it comes in the ever fashionable colour of mint too!

Tata for now!

Gem xo

Friday, 18 May 2012

You Got the Green Light

It was my friends 22nd Birthday last weekend, and we went out for dinner to celebrate. We went out to a nice Indian Restaurant near my house called Tiffin. It's a lovely restaurant, with lovely food and the best thing about it is that you can take your own alcohol, and the place doesn't charge corkage either. This means that it's a reasonably priced night with beautiful food. I had a passanda as I'm a bit of a wuss when it comes to spice! It was her bf's birthday too. You can see the lovely couple belowww, and my food. Nom.

This is what I wore, I have worn this dress before on my blog, over a year ago. I think I styled in completely the same, but I wore a sheer black jacket over the top rather than my leather jacket which made it a little prettier. I love the dark green colour of this dress and the burnout spot detail, it's more suitable for autumn and winter months. I belted it with a black belt and wore these pretty pumps I'm supposed to be saving for work but I've already worn them to death. But at £6 I'll probably pick up a few more pairs, they had them in leopard print too. I didn't take out this cute little bag from H&M but I think it looked nice with the outfit! I shoved my hair up in a top knot too!
I had a lovely night anyway, shame I had to work the next day or I could have finished my bottle of wine! I also had a terrible migraine today so couldn't go in, and now I have 'the guilt'. I never ring in sick! So early night for me! Hope everyone has a nice weekend.

Dress- Fearne Cotton @ Very
Tights - M&S
Shoes - Primark
Bag - H&M
Belt - Primark

Gem xo

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Aztec Nails

I definitely wasn't going to dedicate a whole post to these but I love them so much! If you follow me on twitter you'll have seen my little tweet about them. But I need to properly spread the love. These beauties were £4.50 from ASDA. Get them whilst you're buying your milk and bread! I put them on on Saturday night, and they lasted until Tuesday afternoon with only two minor rips to the thumb. I took these photos on Tuesday morning and see how perfect they still look. I just took them off because I'm a full on flake and I'm always changing my nail varnish. They would have lasted a week, and I'm really heavy handed. 

I put them on over a basic lilac nail varnish that was dry, and they stuck down fast. I usually have trouble with nail stickers and how much they peel, but these stayed on good and proper. 

The print is my favourite thing about them though. The Aztec print is one of my favourites for summer, and the neon colours used make them look even cooler. If these aren't your bag though, there are lots of different styles and colours. I'm going to go and buy a few packs I think for summer! 

Anyway, I think I said I was going to post an outfit post tonight, but I'll save it for tomorrow when I have a bit more time to write and think about it! It's nearly the weekend too, which means sleep! Enjoy your evening.

Gem xo

Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Like the rest of Britain this weekend I saw the sun and though 'ALL ACTIONS GO, SUMMER CLOTHES NOW'. So for a lazy day on Saturday of traipsing around town and have dinner outside I wore this outfit. Yes I jumped the gun, I didn't test the temperature before I went outside and my legs were chilly, but the sun was still shining and there were men with no tops on. So that, my friends, is summer.

I wore this midi/maxi dress, depending on your height, very simply with a chunky brown belt and beige wedges. I still have this dress and it's almost two years since I bought it. I think it's still fashionable, especially when I  pull it up, and make it a midi length. The simple t-shirt style is what initially drew me to it, and of course, it's grunge feel, with the print. You don't get many maxi/midi dresses that aren't floral and don't feel like something my gran would wear. I always prefer simple, plain maxi dresses for this reason. I love the rocker vibe, it looks great with a leather jacket and thick tights in winter too. I popped my battered Levis jacket on over the top to try and continue the facade that I am some sort of cool, glam rock chick, who buys her veg from ASDA. I wore this dress a couple weeks ago as a short style, and I do think it's really versatile.
Sorry about my full on chunky fingers! This clutch is a charity shop find. It has a little strap too that I'm looking to replace with a longer one, but I think it's really cute as a vintage style clutch. The tan colour is great for summer, and it's a lovely size, fitting essentials in and still closing up without me having to stuff them in.

I went out for dinner tonight for one of my best friends 22nd birthday. I'll show you what I wore later this week, and tell you about the restaurant. I drank half a bottle of white wine and it's hitting my head now. Oh no wine headache in a stuffy office, sounds like my idea of hell. At least there are loadsa men in suits!! (See twitter for reference ;))

I also have to show you the amazing nail wraps that I put on on Saturday night! 

Dress - Dorothy Perkins (old)
Levi Jacket - Vintage (my mum's)
Bag - (Charity shop)
Shoes - H&M
Necklace - Old
Ring - Evans,vintage, pia.

Gem xo

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Wants of the Week #14

It feels like summer is here again, if it doesn't rain or cloud over, so I've obviously taken that to heart and my wishlist is just all aimed at summer wear! It's been a lovely weekend to a hectic week! So this is what I've been lusting after this busy week:

1. Floral Dress - ASOS Curve £32
This dress is so pretty, I love the style of it as well, just so simple for summer. A girl can never have too many floral tea dresses.

2. Mint Shirt - Monki (around) £24
This batwing blouse is a lovely colour. Again I was drawn to the simplicity of the item, meaning it's versatile and you can wear it with lots of things. It would look lovely with a pair of blue skinnies, or a printed skirt.

3. Aztec Print Skirt - New Look Inspire £12.99
Just like this one! New Look Inspire is fast becoming one of my favourite plus size retailers on the highstreet. It has a lot of different styles to choose from, lots of t-shirts styled with a YOUNG audience in mind, and really affordable. This skirt would look lovely with the shirt above, it hits two key trends this summer, pastels and tribal prints. This definitely needs purchasing soon. It'd also look great with the aztec print nail strips I tried out this weekend. 

4. Skin Repair Moisturiser - Liz Earle £30
This has been getting great reviews. And since I've been so impressed with the rest of the Liz Earle range, this moisturiser would be a great addition to my skin care regime. Especially for summer, one of the things I need in Summer is a great moisturiser.

5. Tortoise Shell Sunglasses - Ray-Ban £120
I doubt I will ever have a real pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. I lust after them year in, year out and never ever want to part with the money. I don't doubt that they are worth it at all! It's me, I know I'll break them, thus breaking my heart. I'm just too clumsy. These glasses are always a firm favourite with celebs, and will always be on trend in summer for festivals and holidays. The tortoise shell are my favourite, but black will always be a cool option too.

6. Crotchet Collar - Forever 21 (Similar one here) £12.15
Still in love with collars, this pretty one will go nicely over a simple black t shirt dress for a night out. And will dress up any simple outfit and is definitely a statement piece.

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend, I'll be showing you the nail wraps next week as well as a summery outfit I braved this yesterday! 

Gem xo

Friday, 11 May 2012

Set Sail to the West.

Today I was very casual by usual standards! I didn't even wear a buttoned up shirt under this jumper to try and be all preppy. You probably didn't notice as there are far more important points than me in your life, but I didn't write yesterday due to not really knowing what to post. I had taken outfit photos, but was not impressed with them at all. Spat my dummy out and all that. 

Anyway, today I threw this on as I'm still not as accustomed to early mornings. I wore some new skinnies from Dorothy Perkins. These are the most comfortable skinnies I own. I know I say this about any pair of jeans that fit me, but they are. They're a lighter blue than in the photos, and there are lots of different colours in them. If you're interested, you can find them here. I know I don't have that pert arse that is the models. But I still think they fit me nicely. Definitely size down though, as all the reviews say! This old lace tunic and stripy jumper complimented each other well too. Staying with the blue and white theme, and the subtle lace underneath the cropped jumper was quite pretty. As you can see from the photo below! I wore this vintage jumper ages ago and dug it out, I'm actually thinking of making it a bit shorter as it's at a weird in-between length, what dya think?
I'm off out in a bit for dinner anyway with a few friends (om nom nom) but will probably change as this is a bit too casual for me. I've become addicted to pastel nail varnish too, lilac mostly. And keep replacing my favourite red with it when the sun comes out! Anyway have a lovely Friday Evening!

Jeans - Dorothy Perkins
Jumper - Vintage Shop in Brighton Lanes
Tunic - Old Dorothy Perkins
Boots - Dorothy Perkins
Necklace - Made myself.

Gem xo

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Gradient Nails

I did the gradient nails. On my own! And they aren't a complete disaster. I tried them tonight when I got in from work and in took me about half an hour to do it. I saw this Tumblr, and found the tutorial on American Teen Vogue website, which you can find here

It's actually really easy, and I love the spring pastel colours together, but you could do it with any colour really! They currently look very pretty, and I can't wait until summer so I can wear them more. I wish I'd thought up this idea because anyone really can do this at home with the help of a tiny paint brush, clear nail varnish and a piece of tin foil!

That's all for this evening anyway! Have a good'un lovelies.

Gem xo

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Get Your Camera


Started my new job today, and it feels amazing to be working full time again! I have bought some really nice stuff for the office which I'm excited to show you. Office wear is so fun now! And providing I stick inside of the companies rules, which my clothes do, I can wear fun things still! Woohoo! I had a lazy bank holiday weekend, sewing pants to turn them into cigarette pants and sewing buttons back on shirts, like the one I'm wearing above. On Friday me and my mother went into Manchester to pick up some bits and bobs for a masquerade party my mum was attending this weekend, and have lunch. So I threw this ensemble on. 

I'm still loving the aztec print leggings, I'm not brave enough to purchase the multicoloured ones. But they do look cool, and people were suggesting cool things to wear with them last time I wore them, but I just stuck with black and white again!! I stuck on a button up shirt and a black jumper over the top to smarten up the leggings and my chelsea boots. You can't see either but I wore a longer black top underneath to cover my bum! I'm pretty sure the people in Manchester are queuing up to see my bum cheeks, but not on Friday!
I bought this necklace from a charity shop when I was in London last year. My friend works in the charity shop so it always reminds me of her. Plus I love the double gold chain. It would look lovely as a ring though too. 

Anyway, a bath is calling out my name. I hear 'Gemmaaaa, Gemmaaaa, come and soak your little toe' every time the bubbles crackle. I don't know what I'm saying at all!

Shirt - Peacocks
Jumper - H&M
Leggings - Primark
Boots - Office
Necklace - Charity Shops

Gem xo

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Wants of the Week #13

I've not been lusting after much this week. I've been busy sorting myself out. But with the prospect of more money coming in, I'm thinking about being a Sensible Susan and opening a savings account to save money for the future. I've always been frivolous but my mindset has changed this year, and I'm really thinking about not spending money, mainly not spending money on clothes. Which is a bit of a killer for a fashion blog! I'm still wanting some things though, which I'll show you now!

1. Barry M Nail Varnishes - Boots £2.99 (Save a pound when you buy 2 atm!)
I have already bought these two pastel shades for Summer. And I love them. I'm looking at trying out that gradient effect that's been doing the rounds on Tumblr. I've tried the ombre one which was easy and this looks like a messy one too which is perfect for me, as I've never had a steady hand!

2. Peacock Tunic - Yours Clothing £30
This bright tunic from Yours is lovely. I'm always looking for cute tunics to wear with leggings and this one would look lovely. I'm pretty sure they say peacock feathers bring bad luck. Did I make that up? Anyway I don't think the saying applies to wearing them.

3. Black Flatforms - Office £45
I've been sucked into the world of flatforms. I tried these on and walked away from them, even though they were the last pair, but they're still on the website so I have a bit of thinking time. People say the flatforms are hard to walk in, I think these would be a little bit easier as the platform sole is quite small really. They also have them in pink if you're a bit more daring!

4. Bow Necklace - ASOS (not available anymore) But similar one is £8
Love this necklace, it would look so cute under a buttoned up collar. This on my birthday wishlist too! Which is only a couple weeks away if anyone wants to buy me anything!

5. Black Lace Blazer - ASOS Curve £37.50
Still looking for a smart blazer, I've found it. Not one for conforming to a black boring blazer, that's plain and made of polyester. I love this lace one which is still really smart, but pretty in a subtle way.

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend! 

Gem xo

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Have Your Say

I wore this today to pop to the post office and sort of some bits and bobs for the new job coming up next week, as well as take part in the vote that's happening in the UK. I really believe in everyone having their say because everyone moans about the state of the country, but people don't seem to vote! And local elections are just as important as the general ones! So important, I have to highlight the fact with multiple exclamation marks apparently!! Now I've got off my high horse, I took the dog down with me and he managed to jump through the fence, I actually have no idea how he did it. I laughed so hard when I came out to find him all tangled up, and in the bushes on the wrong side of the fence. No men will break down barriers to get to me, but my dog will, at least I know he's loyal. And will hump me at any chance he gets.

This bright top is another Next buy, and I love the colour surprisingly. It was sunnier and warmer today than it has been, so I enjoyed wearing a brighter colour to fit in with the day. It has the peplum waist that's popular as the moment, and I can wear it casually undone like so.. or done up to be preppy and smart. I wore it over this black dress, as it is quite see through and then a light denim jacket over the top. I wore this leggings and old converse as walking the dog is not a task done in boots, especially when you're dodging dog poo. But popped my boots on anyway for photo reasons.
Sorry about the full on cleavage shot, but I wanted to show you the colour of the top and the collar detail which I love too. I also added an Instagram widget which is seeming a bit temperamental, if anyone has a link they'd like to supply me with for a better one I'd appreciate it greatly.

Hope everyone had a lovely day! 

Top - Next
Boob tube dress - Primark
Leggings - M&S
Boots - DP
Denim Jacket - Evans (Agesss ago)

Gem xo