Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Like the rest of Britain this weekend I saw the sun and though 'ALL ACTIONS GO, SUMMER CLOTHES NOW'. So for a lazy day on Saturday of traipsing around town and have dinner outside I wore this outfit. Yes I jumped the gun, I didn't test the temperature before I went outside and my legs were chilly, but the sun was still shining and there were men with no tops on. So that, my friends, is summer.

I wore this midi/maxi dress, depending on your height, very simply with a chunky brown belt and beige wedges. I still have this dress and it's almost two years since I bought it. I think it's still fashionable, especially when I  pull it up, and make it a midi length. The simple t-shirt style is what initially drew me to it, and of course, it's grunge feel, with the print. You don't get many maxi/midi dresses that aren't floral and don't feel like something my gran would wear. I always prefer simple, plain maxi dresses for this reason. I love the rocker vibe, it looks great with a leather jacket and thick tights in winter too. I popped my battered Levis jacket on over the top to try and continue the facade that I am some sort of cool, glam rock chick, who buys her veg from ASDA. I wore this dress a couple weeks ago as a short style, and I do think it's really versatile.
Sorry about my full on chunky fingers! This clutch is a charity shop find. It has a little strap too that I'm looking to replace with a longer one, but I think it's really cute as a vintage style clutch. The tan colour is great for summer, and it's a lovely size, fitting essentials in and still closing up without me having to stuff them in.

I went out for dinner tonight for one of my best friends 22nd birthday. I'll show you what I wore later this week, and tell you about the restaurant. I drank half a bottle of white wine and it's hitting my head now. Oh no wine headache in a stuffy office, sounds like my idea of hell. At least there are loadsa men in suits!! (See twitter for reference ;))

I also have to show you the amazing nail wraps that I put on on Saturday night! 

Dress - Dorothy Perkins (old)
Levi Jacket - Vintage (my mum's)
Bag - (Charity shop)
Shoes - H&M
Necklace - Old
Ring - Evans,vintage, pia.

Gem xo


  1. Love the bag so much
    You look great!
    nothings wrong with chunky fingers...lol!


  2. love everything about this outfit! you look great! <3

  3. I love your outfit, the dress really works as a midi. The clutch is cute too!

    What Lola Wants

  4. Love that dress! Beautiful, u look beautiful!