Thursday, 3 May 2012

Have Your Say

I wore this today to pop to the post office and sort of some bits and bobs for the new job coming up next week, as well as take part in the vote that's happening in the UK. I really believe in everyone having their say because everyone moans about the state of the country, but people don't seem to vote! And local elections are just as important as the general ones! So important, I have to highlight the fact with multiple exclamation marks apparently!! Now I've got off my high horse, I took the dog down with me and he managed to jump through the fence, I actually have no idea how he did it. I laughed so hard when I came out to find him all tangled up, and in the bushes on the wrong side of the fence. No men will break down barriers to get to me, but my dog will, at least I know he's loyal. And will hump me at any chance he gets.

This bright top is another Next buy, and I love the colour surprisingly. It was sunnier and warmer today than it has been, so I enjoyed wearing a brighter colour to fit in with the day. It has the peplum waist that's popular as the moment, and I can wear it casually undone like so.. or done up to be preppy and smart. I wore it over this black dress, as it is quite see through and then a light denim jacket over the top. I wore this leggings and old converse as walking the dog is not a task done in boots, especially when you're dodging dog poo. But popped my boots on anyway for photo reasons.
Sorry about the full on cleavage shot, but I wanted to show you the colour of the top and the collar detail which I love too. I also added an Instagram widget which is seeming a bit temperamental, if anyone has a link they'd like to supply me with for a better one I'd appreciate it greatly.

Hope everyone had a lovely day! 

Top - Next
Boob tube dress - Primark
Leggings - M&S
Boots - DP
Denim Jacket - Evans (Agesss ago)

Gem xo


  1. love the dress! great color :)

    AND, people are like that in the US too.. everyone complains but voter turn our is so low especially if it's a non-presidential election. it's so sad.

  2. lovely posting! lets follow each other :))

  3. i love the outfit it looks great xx