Friday, 25 May 2012

He Loves Me.

Is everyone enjoying the heat!? It certainly makes people happier. And it's actually so hot, I got my legs out yesterday evening. I went out for dinner with my mum to a pub called The Waterside, and it's lovely. It is next to a river and has willows hanging over where you sit and eat. We were discussing what I wanted for my birthday, and if I wanted to do anything for it. I'm not really a massive fan of clubbing, and don't want to just go out for a meal. So I doubt I'll end up doing anything, besides just with family! Forever Alone, obviouslyyyyy.

Anyway, I stuck this long coral tunic on as it's the only bright thing I have in my closet, and stuck this floral blazer on over it. I wear this blazer to work and it just brightens everything up so much.  Even when I'm just wearing a black dress I like to pop it on. I love it so much, and it goes with lots of things because of all the colours in it too. I got my legs out and did feel a tad self conscious as I never get them out, they're quite pasty and a tad wobbly at the top. But this dress covered all that and I didn't mind the milky look quite so much when I had a pint of cold cider in my belly.  I stuck these chunky chelsea boots on to make my legs look a little bit longer, but would probably wear sandals if I were to wear this outfit again in the near future!
I should have painted my nails a powder blue to bring out the blue in the jacket as the red doesn't really go, oops!

I love reading blogs in the summer to see what everyone wears, it fascinates me how many of you stylish ladies still look so cool and collected and manage to wear pretty clothes too in the heat! Enjoy your weekend my loves! 

Dress - Primark
Blazer - George @ ASDA
Boots - Office
Necklace - Made myself @Warren James.

Gem xo


  1. i love the blazer its so pretty xx

  2. You should go to the country or the beach for your birthday! have a bbq or somethimg :) Love the blazer xx

  3. u have wonderful blog! luv ur style :)

  4. so great.. love the colors, and the blazer is gorgeous.