Thursday, 17 May 2012

Aztec Nails

I definitely wasn't going to dedicate a whole post to these but I love them so much! If you follow me on twitter you'll have seen my little tweet about them. But I need to properly spread the love. These beauties were £4.50 from ASDA. Get them whilst you're buying your milk and bread! I put them on on Saturday night, and they lasted until Tuesday afternoon with only two minor rips to the thumb. I took these photos on Tuesday morning and see how perfect they still look. I just took them off because I'm a full on flake and I'm always changing my nail varnish. They would have lasted a week, and I'm really heavy handed. 

I put them on over a basic lilac nail varnish that was dry, and they stuck down fast. I usually have trouble with nail stickers and how much they peel, but these stayed on good and proper. 

The print is my favourite thing about them though. The Aztec print is one of my favourites for summer, and the neon colours used make them look even cooler. If these aren't your bag though, there are lots of different styles and colours. I'm going to go and buy a few packs I think for summer! 

Anyway, I think I said I was going to post an outfit post tonight, but I'll save it for tomorrow when I have a bit more time to write and think about it! It's nearly the weekend too, which means sleep! Enjoy your evening.

Gem xo


  1. LOVE them! they're amazing! I'm forever changing my nail polish too! I got a Shellac manicure a few weeks ago and they last 2 weeks, I was bored of it within 2 hours! xox

  2. I love these nails, i'm not too keen on the Aztec trend but these may just have to be my way of getting involved :)

  3. I love the nails. I am a huge fan of the nail stickers ... I used them like crazy. Keep being fabulous darling!

    <3 Marisa