Wednesday, 2 May 2012

What's in my Bag?

I love these posts on other people blogs! And I'm trying to do a different feature each week to spice up my blog, along side what I want, my outfit posts, occasional recent buys and bakery items. Like I said before, I love these posts, mainly because I'm nosey, and I also have a big love for bags that I don't put enough of into my blog. 

My love at the moment, and has been since August 2011 (with the occasional going out bag, and other satchels I have) is this doctors bag. I bought this from the lanes in Brighton, on a trip last year to visit my friend. They had a ten percent off day at the leather shop near the end of them, and the guy couldn't work out ten percent off of £65 so I got it for £55. I did tell him but I don't think he could be bothered with it! I love the style shape and the dark brown leather of it, it's a classic, also the older it gets the better it looks. Anyway, this bag has been through a lot with me, working in London and various trips, fitting loads in. The straps are still holding out. 

This is what I usually keep in my bag! Starting from top left: 
A notepad, diary and pen, for noting things down like phone numbers (for all those handsome men who stop me and give me theirs. Naat) and reminders, or simply to jot down amazing thoughts I get for the blog! Doesn't happen often I tell you. 
My compact, which I recently added, it was my grandma's. And a little digi camera, for when I can't carry my DSLR. 
A little make up bag, with essentials.
A perfume sample, like this pretty one which is an old Harajuku Lovers by Gwen Stefani, it always looks super pretty in my bag. And a hand lotion, I stole from a hotel one time, woops!
Travel Card and old train tickets that I keep for no reason whatsoever!
My Fossil Purse, I never thought I'd spend over a fiver on a purse, but I loved this vintage one. 
My iPhone and headphones, that I couldn't live without 
Old sunglasses that I throw in, they were my mums and have been fixed three times she says from the 80's. I love the tortoise shell effect. And a cheeky pack of tissues for emergencies.

If anyone else has done this type of post let me know, I'd love to check more out! Hope you liked a delve into my bag!

Gem xo


  1. I'm so nosey too! I'm gunna be a copy cat, and do one this week :D I love the Lanes in Brighton, actually I love Brighton full stop! Great post love xox

  2. Really love these kind of posts! The bag is gorgeous! Did laugh that the guy couldn't work out 10% off- but what a bargain he gave you!