Sunday, 6 May 2012

Wants of the Week #13

I've not been lusting after much this week. I've been busy sorting myself out. But with the prospect of more money coming in, I'm thinking about being a Sensible Susan and opening a savings account to save money for the future. I've always been frivolous but my mindset has changed this year, and I'm really thinking about not spending money, mainly not spending money on clothes. Which is a bit of a killer for a fashion blog! I'm still wanting some things though, which I'll show you now!

1. Barry M Nail Varnishes - Boots £2.99 (Save a pound when you buy 2 atm!)
I have already bought these two pastel shades for Summer. And I love them. I'm looking at trying out that gradient effect that's been doing the rounds on Tumblr. I've tried the ombre one which was easy and this looks like a messy one too which is perfect for me, as I've never had a steady hand!

2. Peacock Tunic - Yours Clothing £30
This bright tunic from Yours is lovely. I'm always looking for cute tunics to wear with leggings and this one would look lovely. I'm pretty sure they say peacock feathers bring bad luck. Did I make that up? Anyway I don't think the saying applies to wearing them.

3. Black Flatforms - Office £45
I've been sucked into the world of flatforms. I tried these on and walked away from them, even though they were the last pair, but they're still on the website so I have a bit of thinking time. People say the flatforms are hard to walk in, I think these would be a little bit easier as the platform sole is quite small really. They also have them in pink if you're a bit more daring!

4. Bow Necklace - ASOS (not available anymore) But similar one is £8
Love this necklace, it would look so cute under a buttoned up collar. This on my birthday wishlist too! Which is only a couple weeks away if anyone wants to buy me anything!

5. Black Lace Blazer - ASOS Curve £37.50
Still looking for a smart blazer, I've found it. Not one for conforming to a black boring blazer, that's plain and made of polyester. I love this lace one which is still really smart, but pretty in a subtle way.

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend! 

Gem xo


  1. Ooo nice! Love the nailvarnishes.
    Luvly colours for summer. ^^d

    I`ve actually got the ASOS blazer and it`s amazing. Really love it! ^^d If you wanna wear it fitted, I`d suggest going a size down if you can. It`s pretty loose and generous fit.
    Was thinking of sewing a button on it but I wore it with a broach and it worked out quite nicely to give some shape.
    Anyhoops, you can find my post about it here-->

    Have a great day! ^^/ MMxoxo

  2. I love the look of flatforms but they make my legs look a bit cunky and odd. I bet ebay has a few pairs for about £20, flatforms are pretty expensive really. Spartoo has them for about £70, madness x

  3. That blazer is lovely! I got a bow necklace from Primark there last week, really similar for £2 :) xox

  4. I've had that blazer saved on ASOS for an age. I think I just need to buy it!

    I'm loving flatforms too. I can't cope with heels so these are a nice alternative x

  5. I just started following your blog & i love it.
    This year I am trying to make my dreams come true

    follow back please?
    thank you! <3 :)

  6. argh!! I just bought that blazer and was so disappointed! I'll be sending it back :( so bummed