Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Get Your Camera


Started my new job today, and it feels amazing to be working full time again! I have bought some really nice stuff for the office which I'm excited to show you. Office wear is so fun now! And providing I stick inside of the companies rules, which my clothes do, I can wear fun things still! Woohoo! I had a lazy bank holiday weekend, sewing pants to turn them into cigarette pants and sewing buttons back on shirts, like the one I'm wearing above. On Friday me and my mother went into Manchester to pick up some bits and bobs for a masquerade party my mum was attending this weekend, and have lunch. So I threw this ensemble on. 

I'm still loving the aztec print leggings, I'm not brave enough to purchase the multicoloured ones. But they do look cool, and people were suggesting cool things to wear with them last time I wore them, but I just stuck with black and white again!! I stuck on a button up shirt and a black jumper over the top to smarten up the leggings and my chelsea boots. You can't see either but I wore a longer black top underneath to cover my bum! I'm pretty sure the people in Manchester are queuing up to see my bum cheeks, but not on Friday!
I bought this necklace from a charity shop when I was in London last year. My friend works in the charity shop so it always reminds me of her. Plus I love the double gold chain. It would look lovely as a ring though too. 

Anyway, a bath is calling out my name. I hear 'Gemmaaaa, Gemmaaaa, come and soak your little toe' every time the bubbles crackle. I don't know what I'm saying at all!

Shirt - Peacocks
Jumper - H&M
Leggings - Primark
Boots - Office
Necklace - Charity Shops

Gem xo


  1. I LOVE those leggings! Congrats on the new job, looking forward to seeing the bits you bought :D x

  2. awesome leggings! ^^v good luck with the new job ^^d

  3. Love the leggings, you look fab! Hope the new job is going well x

  4. You have a fab blog! <3

    Love this outfit too. The necklace is so pretty & I am a huge fan of crazy leggings :) My Mum tries hiding mine from me because she thinks they're too "outlandish" ha! These ones are beaut'!


  5. Great leggings. Love it.
    Lov the blog like always....good luck with the job missy!