Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Brighton Trip

I thought I'd share a few of my photos I got whilst visiting Brighton. Including a quick outfit photo I managed to get on the pier. Unfortunately as you can see, the weather was awful but me and my friend Lauren had an awesome time visiting Roisin. I'll give you a little run down of what happened whilst I was there! I've also included a few recommendations if you're ever in Brighton or Hove.

We arrived at about three and we went straight out for drinks and good food. There is a great pub in Hove called The Ancient Mariner. It's a great little pub that does wonderful food and we had a  few glasses/bottles of Rose. It's always good to catch up over good food and wine! After that we went and met a few of Roisin's friends, where we were greeted warmly and played deadly drinking games which resulted in a very drunken game of twister. Oops.

When we got up on Friday morning we were not feel 100% but we went into Brighton Town Centre. Even though it was absolutely pouring down we went around The Laines and popped into Snoopers Paradise. That is one of my favourite shops in the world. If you're a big snooper, as the name suggests, you will love it in there. I usually buy something from there every time I've visited. This time me and my friends jumped into the photo machine (the scientific name!?) and we got this lovely snapshot. I popped into Choccy Woccy Doodah, and whilst expensive, the cakes are beautiful and well worth a look. We treated ourselves to a Bagelmann, then went back to Roisin's for pizza and films and a recovery!

The weather was dryer and a little cooler today, so we went onto the pier for a wander. Lauren and Roisin had a dance off that even Dirty Dancing would be jealous of. We then wandered to the end of the pier and back to another lovely pub called the Cricketers where we had dinner. We walked back up The Laines, where we visited the best fudge shop ever. It's called Roly's Fudge Pantry, and they make it fresh so you can smell it as you walk in. So we went back again and bought some more. I also treated myself to a ring which is beautiful, and a few items of clothing from some shops! I will show them soon...

As it was mother's day we spent the day with Roisin's mum. We went to the beach and had a wander. It's a lovely beach, it's just a shame the sun refused to shine! I was treated to a view of the singer, Adele's house and a very creamy hot chocolate in the seaside cafe. Unfortunately we then had to come home. 

I honestly love Brighton, and I'd love to live there one day. I'm very lucky to had such a good friend who lives there who has an awesome Mum, who is very open and welcoming. But I would wholeheartedly recommend that you go for a weekend break there if you can. Especially in the summer, I'm already making plans in my head to go again!


Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Little Break

This is just a quick post to say that I'm going missing for a little bit. I'm going to Brighton for a long weekend tomorrow and I won't post until next week. But I'll try and get some outfit posts whilst I'm away or some photos of one of my favourite cities in the UK. Anyhoo, this is the smock dress that broke the camel's non spending back, as goes the well known, commonly used saying. I really like the smock style at the moment and it's everywhere. It's a great length for summer that I can wear without tights and looks really cute dressed casually with tan leather boots and a denim jacket. It's from Simply Be and I really love their spring/summer collection. It's really colourful, but chic and sophisticated too. Not too many frumpy floral jersey t-shirts that some plus size retailers put out there. But lots of on trend pieces like simple smocks, ombre jumpers and pastel jeans. I'm such a big fan of theirs and I swear they never sponsor me or give me freebies, I honestly just really rate them as a plus size retailer. Okay doke, hope everyone has a lovely week, and enjoys Mothers Day with their Mums or special ladies in their life! Tata.
Dress - Simply Be
Tights - Tesco
Necklace - Accessorize
Boots - Dorothy Perkins

Gem xo

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Wants of the Week #33

I noticed I hadn't really done one of these posts since January. So these are the things I've been lusting after recently. I think, from the colours I've chosen, my heart is moving into Spring and Summer now!

1. Chance Eau Tendre Perfume - Chanel £50 for 50ml
So I need a light fragrance for Summer. I had a mammoth smelling session in Boots on Friday which ended up in making myself feel quite queezy as I'd inhaled so many perfume molecules! But I think I whittled it down to this or the Eau Fraiche version. Both are light, this is a little bit more fruity but I will decide!

2. Fine One One - Benefit £23.50
This is a great little gizmo isn't it? This has been all over everyones blog, but I have completely bought into the hype. I love the lazy girl aspect for days when you just can not be bothered. 

3. Blouse - ASOS Curve £25.50
I love the print on this blouse, and the cute collar. It's perfect for spring, and I think it looks amazing with jeans like how it was styled on the website. I keep eyeing up the blouse on ASOS and now I want it even more because it's gone down in price. Floral prints are always needed in Spring.

4. Sunglasses - ASOS £10
Another need for Spring are these amazing round bug eye sunglasses. I love the nude colour, so pretty for summer and very on trend with the sixties style.

5. Belt - ASOS Curve £8
Such a cute little belt. I love the gold cross detail, and I think this little belt would perk up any LBD.

Gem xo

Saturday, 2 March 2013

SOS - Save Our Skin!

With the shopping ban well and truly forgotten in my mind, I set out to save my skin. I've had a massive break out on my chin and whilst this time last week I wasn't that bothered as I thought it was just the stress, more kept coming up on my chin and would not go away. So yesterday after an early dash from work I went to the Trafford Centre for some alone time shopping. My favourite type of shopping, may I add!? I've been reading up on how to treat acne that pops up due to stress, or hormones. I kind of had an idea that I needed something that was anti bacterial. So I headed to Liz Earle in John Lewis first of all, and asked the lady if there was anything anti bacterial, like a cleanser or scrub. I do love Liz Earle products especially their Cleanse and Polish and their skin tonic. They're really simple products that I will definitely repurchase when I'm over this skin blip. But they didn't really have what I was after. So I head over to Boots, and the Clinique counter. I spoke to two wonderful ladies, I'm not sure what their names were, but they were so so helpful. They asked what kind of skin I had and we talked through what I needed. They suggested their three step process that they have, in the Anti-Blemish range. 

I love Clinique products, they were the first foundation I had and they've always been kind to my skin. So I thought I would definitely have to give them a try. Whilst they're on the more pricey side. They're large bottles and you only need a tiny bit of product as the lady explained to me. I used this once last night and again this morning, and I don't know if I'm imagining things but my spots are seriously drying up already. The cleansing foam, and clarifying lotion work together to leave my skin seriously clean, and they have a kind of stringent feel to them. Which may not be for everyone, but I feel like it's working. My mum's always said how she likes toners to feel cool and tingly as it feels like they're working and I know what she means. The moisturiser is amazing, it feels like silk, it's oil free and balances out my t-zone. I mean I've only used these products twice so I have no idea of the long term affect they will have on my skin, but I'm super impressed already. But I really wanted to rave about the service I received from the Clinique counter. They were kind and really wanted to help. The girl even gave me a sample of the Extreme moisture lotion because I can get dry skin and I voiced my concerns that this routine might dry my skin out a bit too much. I also picked up this super spot remover which I am yet to crack open but I really can't wait to use. I have a catch up appointment with Clinique in two weeks time and I will get back to you with how my skin is doing then! But for now, if you're having skin problems, I would hole heartedly recommend visiting your local Clinique Counter.

Gem xo

Friday, 1 March 2013

Show Me How To Fight For Now

Finally posting again this week! Sorry I've been so busy but I wanted to get this outfit post out. A rare photo of a more 'going out' sort of outfit. I don't really ever get chance to snap photos before I go out for dinner or drinks but this time I did. I was in Manchester having a few drinks, and I wanted to wear something super easy and comfy. Because when I'm out I hate feeling uncomfortable, and I'm super lazy. This black lace dress is simple and a real classic  LBD. I bought it ages and ages ago from ASOS but I've never really posted about it. It's one of my go to pieces in my wardrobe for when I don't know what to wear, and it can be dressed down with flats and a sheer open shirt over the top. Or dressed up with chunky heels and red lips. This is my favourite red lipstick ever. It's Revlon Colourstay in Bordeaux and honestly it's perfect. I have their Top Tomato version as well and thats a more bright red. This dark red can be layered to create a really dramatic effect that stays put all night un touched. I think this pinky red suits my skin tone and looks lovely with a rose toned blush. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.
Dress - ASOS Curve
Tights - Tesco
Belt - Primark
Necklace - Primark
Shoes - Office (old)

Gem xo