Saturday, 2 March 2013

SOS - Save Our Skin!

With the shopping ban well and truly forgotten in my mind, I set out to save my skin. I've had a massive break out on my chin and whilst this time last week I wasn't that bothered as I thought it was just the stress, more kept coming up on my chin and would not go away. So yesterday after an early dash from work I went to the Trafford Centre for some alone time shopping. My favourite type of shopping, may I add!? I've been reading up on how to treat acne that pops up due to stress, or hormones. I kind of had an idea that I needed something that was anti bacterial. So I headed to Liz Earle in John Lewis first of all, and asked the lady if there was anything anti bacterial, like a cleanser or scrub. I do love Liz Earle products especially their Cleanse and Polish and their skin tonic. They're really simple products that I will definitely repurchase when I'm over this skin blip. But they didn't really have what I was after. So I head over to Boots, and the Clinique counter. I spoke to two wonderful ladies, I'm not sure what their names were, but they were so so helpful. They asked what kind of skin I had and we talked through what I needed. They suggested their three step process that they have, in the Anti-Blemish range. 

I love Clinique products, they were the first foundation I had and they've always been kind to my skin. So I thought I would definitely have to give them a try. Whilst they're on the more pricey side. They're large bottles and you only need a tiny bit of product as the lady explained to me. I used this once last night and again this morning, and I don't know if I'm imagining things but my spots are seriously drying up already. The cleansing foam, and clarifying lotion work together to leave my skin seriously clean, and they have a kind of stringent feel to them. Which may not be for everyone, but I feel like it's working. My mum's always said how she likes toners to feel cool and tingly as it feels like they're working and I know what she means. The moisturiser is amazing, it feels like silk, it's oil free and balances out my t-zone. I mean I've only used these products twice so I have no idea of the long term affect they will have on my skin, but I'm super impressed already. But I really wanted to rave about the service I received from the Clinique counter. They were kind and really wanted to help. The girl even gave me a sample of the Extreme moisture lotion because I can get dry skin and I voiced my concerns that this routine might dry my skin out a bit too much. I also picked up this super spot remover which I am yet to crack open but I really can't wait to use. I have a catch up appointment with Clinique in two weeks time and I will get back to you with how my skin is doing then! But for now, if you're having skin problems, I would hole heartedly recommend visiting your local Clinique Counter.

Gem xo

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