Wednesday, 30 May 2012

She's Older Now

Just wanted to share with you some of my lovely gifts I got for my birthday. I'll stop going on about it now but I really appreciate all the happy birthdays and gifts I recieved both on and off my blog. So a big thank you indeed :)

My mum knew I wanted t-shirts, and big ones at that, so she went and bought me lots of casual tops that I can wear including this aztec print one, and this mint green one. Both on trend I was quite surprised my mum had hit both trends on the head! I got some beauty products, some of my favourites like Liz Earle, Benefit bits and Barry M nail varnish. This D&G perfume was a surprise but I really like it, it's a bit fruity, but not too sweet. 

You can't really see it but I got a vintage silver bow broach which will look so pretty on a button down shirt. It's really quirky but simple! I got a Mulberry keyring too, which is quite special as it's my first item that has a label! Lets hope I can one day buy a bag to match! Or someone will buy me one to match *cough*

The thing I love the most is this pearl collar. It's from Primark and I love my mum for remembering I wanted one. I had priced them in TopShop but they were too expensive, so I'm glad my mum picked up this little one at a snippet of the price!

Thanks again for the lovely messages!

Gem xo


  1. Lucky you!

    I love that aztec print tshirt! the colours are fab! I love D&G number 3, next time I'm in Duty Free I'm going to nab it :)I got the collar in Primark too! and the ones in Topshop are the exact same, It's great getting bargains isn't it :D XXX


  2. Lovely things. The benefit mascara is amazing, i'm never normally that impressed with mascara but it's great x

  3. Happy Belated Birthday lovely!

    1. Hope you had a fab birthday!
      I got the red glittery barry m for the jubilee and that mascara is great!

  4. happy birthday i love the collar necklace its so cute xx

  5. Happy Birthday! Those Milka minis are sooo nice :) x