Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Gradient Nails

I did the gradient nails. On my own! And they aren't a complete disaster. I tried them tonight when I got in from work and in took me about half an hour to do it. I saw this Tumblr, and found the tutorial on American Teen Vogue website, which you can find here

It's actually really easy, and I love the spring pastel colours together, but you could do it with any colour really! They currently look very pretty, and I can't wait until summer so I can wear them more. I wish I'd thought up this idea because anyone really can do this at home with the help of a tiny paint brush, clear nail varnish and a piece of tin foil!

That's all for this evening anyway! Have a good'un lovelies.

Gem xo

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  1. This looks really good :] I think i will have a go at this! Is it alright tpo blog about it at some point - OF course i'll link back to you?