Saturday, 23 June 2012

Wants of the Week #19

Ah the weekend, a time to relax. And shop! I have been trying to save, but getting paid is a blessing and a curse as I can't stop myself. I just know there is money in my bank account, and the internet is so bad for my temptation as well. I've only ordered one lot of things from Dorothy Perkins, but they were things I needed. Like a black blazer...

1. Mac - Dorothy Perkins £19
And this mac. I mean for under twenty pound in the sale I can't really moan. I've been hankering after a mac for a while, as the weather is so rainy for June, but too hot for a full on coat. I like the navy edging as well which means it'll go with a lot of things. Including the navy dress I've been recently eyeing up on ASOS Curve.

2. Black Skirt - H&M £2.99
What a bargain! I've been after an A-line black skirt for a while, as they're a bit younger than pencil skirts. And a little bit prettier too. Unfortunately this one is all sold out now, darnit. But at that price what should I expect!

3. Collar - Dorothy Perkins £14
This collar is really pretty. It would look lovely over a simple black LBD for nights out. Or just as great with a white tee and blue skinny jeans. I really think this is a statement necklace though.

4. BB Cream - Garnier £6
I hardly wear foundation as I find it gives me spots and makes my skin dry. I'd like to try this BB cream which, from the reviews, looks a lot more moisturising and lighter on the skin.

5. Primer - Benefit £21.15
The Porefessional has been getting rave reviews on blogs. And I managed to pick up THE glamour magazine, and grabbed the sample of this. I have fallen in love with it. I only really wear it on my nose, and cheeks and t-zone as that is where my pores are most visible, but it feels and looks really good.

6. Boots - Topshop £75
Love these boots. Again, like the necklace above. They'd look great with blue skinnies and a basic t-shirt. I love the colour too, it makes a very nice difference from Black which, at the moment, all my shoes are that colour.

7. Chub Stick - Clinique £16
I really really want to try these sticks. They look lovely on, as my mum tried one in boots today. This colour particularly caught my eye as I saw someone on T.V (OKAY I WAS WATCHING BIG BROTHER) wearing a dusky pink. And this looks like the right sort of colour. 

Anyway hope everyone enjoys their weekend and saturday night. I'm off to order pizza and have a movie night in. Yum! 

Gem xo