Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Orange You Happy?

I said I was going to post something from the week, and I will but I just wanted to share what I wore today. This is just another work outfit, but I managed to incorporate the creepers into the outfit, and wore them at work today. I think they just look like chunky brogue though, which compliments the manly shirt. I am a sucker for a chunky brogue, but haven't found any I really like for ages, if you want to suggest some websites, or nice ones you've found it would be greatly appreciated.

Anyway, I picked up this flippy skirt in the sale in Primark, for £3 again, just like the Aztec one! It's really flattering and I usually wear it as a high waisted skirt. I think this is an easy outfit that includes colour blocking, and the colour is perfect for summer. It's also quite long, I just pulled it up here, so I wouldn't have to show all of my legs which I'm a bit self conscious about. I just paired it with my black button down shirt and black thick tights to smarten it up, but it would be lovely with a vest for a night out, and chunky tan wedges if/when it ever gets hot again.
They're really comfy surprisingly, and I'm getting used to the really flat sole. The suede makes them look a bit more expensive than they were, but I think they'll go a bit patchy with wear. 

What is your favourite outfit for work?

Skirt -Primark
Shirt - Peacocks
Tights- Tesco
Shoes - Vintage Fair 
Necklace - Charity Shop

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  1. Love your shoes, Im now following you!