Saturday, 14 July 2012

Wants of the Week #22

1. Grey T-Shirt Dress - New Look £12
Another grey t-shirt that I've been eyeing up this week. It's also oversized. It looks perfect for everyday casual days as well as holidays and festivals. 

2. Floral Dress - H&M+ £35
This tunic dress from H&M is a very pretty dress. I'd love to wear it with chunky chelsea boots and a biker jacket to mess it up a little bit. I love the colours in the dress too, the pale blue/mint and yellow and pink look really bright and summery together. 

3. Tassle Bag - TopShop £28
Such a cute bag. It's the perfect summer bag and would take me from day to night. I love the tassles and the duffle look in a bag, I prefer sloucy bags to structured bags, even though I've had a structured bag for nearly a year now! 

4. Studded Slippers - Ebay £15.99
I've seen the studded loafers on lots of blogs. And I never really fancied them, until perusing ebay and I saw the great prices. These are the perfect work shoes without being too sensible. I'd love to wear them with a floral dress or the berry coloured dress at no.7.

5.Ring - Topshop £8.50
I really like this ring from Topshop I think it'd look lovely on. It's called 'luminescent' so it'd look very pretty and bright on my hand. 

6. Cross Necklace - ASOS £6
Another week, another cross necklace. This chunky necklace is a good alternative to the body chain if you don't feel like braving it. I certainly don't. It's simple and a classic way to 'rock up' any outfit.

7. Berry Dress - Dorothy Perkins £16
What a bargain! This pretty dress is again simple, but can be worn in a number of ways. I'd love to wear it with my maroon converse and a denim jacket for a lazy day. I love the colour too, it's a great alternative to black.

Gem xo


  1. great blog and good collection

  2. argh!!!! I really love every H&M+ piece I see! I've never been able to get my hands on some though! :(

  3. love that berry dress, could wear that out with tights and heel or with converse in the day. Will be getting one of those!