Monday, 14 February 2011

Inspiration of the week: Baftas

I'm quite a big fan of V-day even though I haven't had anyone to spend it with for the past couple of years. I don't think the treatment people give each other on Valentines, should be reserved for one day of the year, but I think it's a lovely idea and you can share it with anyone.

I've also given my parents some time tonight and I'm staying at my flat in Liverpool with some other couples which I can hear through my wall, so I'm sharing the love. All be it in a lonesome way!

Hope you are having a nice day, and do you agree with it?

Anyway I watched the BAFTAS the other night and really enjoyed it. Congrats on the awards for Colin Firth (sex god), Helena Bonham Carter (icon) and Natalie Portman who all deserved their awards for two great films.

But onto the important stuff. I always love what they wear at these things, partly because I envisage myself as a glamourous actress one day, and partly because I live out my fantasies watching them on screen in amazing dresses and gowns.

BTW all images are courtesy of

Here are some of my favourite looks from the night:

Eva Green in gorgeous gothic Tom Ford

Edith Bowman in 50's glam Emilia Wickstead

Jessica Alba (Looking HOT!!!!!) in a vibrant Versace gown.

Kimberly Walsh in a very pretty Ashish maxi.

And my favourite look, straight from the 50's is Julianne Moore in a midnight blue velvet Tom Ford dress. Loving her red hair and lips as well, I think she looks stunning.

So anyways, since Julianne Moore can't be my Valentines guess I'm spending the night on my own with chocolate and pasta and garlic bread.

What are your plans for this eve, hope you have a good one!?


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