Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Brighton 2011

I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned but I love Brighton. I love how laid back it is as well as being undeniably cool and populated by cool individuals who all look different. Being from the north, where everyone seems pretty narrow minded its nice to go somewhere and not feel like everyone's judging you. I'm not gay or anything (as Brighton's known in Britain as the Gay Capital) it's just you don't feel like an outsider there.

I've grown up visiting there with family, as I have family in London, and we'd take day trips out to Brighton. So it always reminds me a bit of home, and after recently losing my 12 yr old family dog, Sebastian, it was nice to go somewhere where I have so many memories of him too.

As well as all this I love Brighton because one of my best friend Roisin's from there. She's so lovely and I realised I miss her very much being back up north without her. But times change so I suppose I'll have to get on with it. We visited because it was Rosies 21st and we felt obliged (nah Im kidding roooose, we really wanted to) and I had a great weekend full of laughs.

These are just some of the photos above I took over the weekend. The weather was cold and dreary but Brighton Pier will always cheer up the dimmest of days.

I want to thank Curz too for driving us, she was a trooper. (5 hr journey each way)

Ok I didn't get much of a ootd whilst there but these are the closest to what I wore.

My asos curve Shearling jacket I snaffled in the Christmas sale kept me really warm whilst in the sea breeze (more like a gale) And underneath I wore jeggins, my smelly old navy Vans and this top from George at ASDA. It's such a great top, oversized and I love the camel colour, it goes with so much.
Here I am with (in order) Emma, Lauren, and Roisin.

Then we went out in Brighton to a couple of bars and pubs. This was taken in the Revolution with the birthday girl, and I'm wearing my chiffon oversize shirt. It was from Primark and you can dress it up or down. I can't stop wearing it.
Anyway I really miss R oisin, and had a great weekend again with her.

Have you been up to anything exciting recently?


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  1. Your photography just gets better and better. Love the Brighton pics, they are really vibrant even though the weather was dreary. Havn't done much exciting recently, but im off to Berlin in May! Hello new wardrobe, I will be on here to get some tips for sure. xxx