Sunday, 30 January 2011

60's Themed.

Ever since I did the Adele inspiration post I can't stop listening to her album, and I'm feeling even more inspired by her retro style.

I've just got back from Brighton for my friends 21st and some photos are on the way as well as what I wore, and whilst I was there I was inspired by the kitschness of it all. 'The Lanes' shops are all quirky and individual, and the proper British fish 'n' chips and the Brighton pier with rides and 2p slot machines.

So maybe that's why I'm a little bit in love with this 60's dress. I think ASOS curve are really hitting it out of the park with their clothes. And at the moment it's money off so bonusssssss!

What dya think of asos' collections recently, and do you think anywhere else are providing us girls with such a massive collection of well fitting clothes?


Edit: If you want to know why I love Adele so much listen to this, I'm not sure when it expires but probably soon so I'd listen to it as soon as possible. I just want to be her best friend.


  1. Adele is super cute
    Asos is doing an amazing collection, good prices and best clothes, i'm addicted to this online shop.

  2. Love that dress, ASOS have so many amazing things coming in!

  3. ASOS is doing well but they really need to step it up with some fashion items. I mean they are doing well but i would like them to do even better in line with some of the high street going-ons e.g. scallop hem shorts!

    I considered that dress before and I think it's retro in a nice way but I know for sure that colour doesn't suit my skin tone! I would look pale and sickly so i opted for the brighter coloured clothes.

  4. I know I do love them and mostly shop there now, I think its because it obviously does produce the most 'high fashion' for my size thats probably why I praise it so much. As for the bright colours, they do look great on you! xx

  5. Hi Gemma,
    I like ASOS very much but their a bit off with the sizing. I think they are the few plus size brands that will make more high street fashion. When is someone going to take that plunge?
    Adele was a guest at a Dutch program and she was great
    When I'm back from London I'll email you.