Monday, 24 January 2011

OOTD - Peg Pants!

Hello! Finally another ootd!

I snapped up these cord peg leg trousers in the ASOS sale after Christmas. I think they still have a some left if you like the look of them. They were £10.00, from £32.00 I think, so brilliany reduction. And they are really comfy.

Recently all I've been doing is editing my final piece of media work, which is a documentary on a homeless hostel for teenagers in Liverpool.. I actually finished it today so I'm really proud of it. So, all I've wanted to do is wear comfy clothes, but not just any comfy clothes (although I have thrown on a pair of leggins and oversized top every now and again) I still wanted to look stylish, when holed up in a room with 3 other people.

I will put my documentary (called Power to the People) up on here, but we just have to get final clearances from Powerhouse (The foyer/charity) to make sure its all right to distribute and show it. We're going to enter it into some film festivals as well so I think that's really exciting.

(BTW if anyone has any contacts in the media who can get me a job or work experience, give me a message, I'm desperate for contacts haha!!) Shameless I know.

I wore my pants with a stripy crop top and an oversized cardigan, which you can't really tell from these photos (Sorry). And my snood, which is a staple atm with the up and down weather, it's comfy but really warm as well when the temperature suddenly drops.

I'm not sure whether I could make these pants wearable on a night out, or dya think they'd be too casual?

I also can't stop wearing my hair in a top knot, its so easy to do when I've been in at 8 every morning for the past week.

Have you done anything recently that you're proud of? And what do you think of peg leg pants?

Again thanks for reading, and coming back I appreciate it.

Edit: Sorry I didn't put where everything was from:
Pants - Asos curve
Top - Dorothy Perkins
Belt - As before
Pumps - New Look
Cardigan - Vintage (My mums)
Necklace - Vintage
Bangle - Vintage


  1. cute pants! i scored some dresses during the asos sale.

  2. Thanks for showing us how you look in that cord pants. I contemplated but wasn't too sure. You look comfortable in it!

  3. Elizabeth - Thank you!

    Jill - I know there sale was really good, im still tempted by the clearance bit now.

    Traveller - No problem, Im swear Im going to do more ootd, i enjoy the response :)

    Thank you guys

  4. Hi girl, I have the same but in a greenish color. Even though I messed up with the sizing I still rock them. They are indeed comfy. I never thought of them for a night out. What about if you try a sequined top and heels. I think you could pull it off. Maybe we can do it together?

  5. This sounds like a good idea!! I think we should set a date for this night out challenge xx

  6. @Iced Gem: Fabulous! Let me know when you have an open spot :D
    It's going to be a challenge, because I've entered the 30 for 30 Winter Edition of Kendieveryday.

  7. Ok well, let me know when you're free as you seem busier in the blogosphere but I am up for it! xx