Monday, 17 January 2011

Inspiration of the Week: Adele

Ok, clothes wise Adele has never been that inventive. But, usually in a uniform of black with a striking colour here and an amazing hairstyle there, she always manages to look glamourous. Her retro style of sweeping flowing hair and feline eyeliner has inspired me to imitate her fashion on many occasions.
The real reason she inspires me though (is not her weight as many people liken me to her presume that's why I like her and relate to her, closed minds think alike) is her voice. I heard Reggie Yates (a beautiful, Radio 1 presenter) describe her voice as being 'beyond her years'. I totally agree with this. Her soulful and unique voice is one you instantly recognise her by, but it could also belong to a 1960's diva. (see Aretha). She sounds even better live than she does pre-recorded and on her album, and I can listen to Hometown Glory, from her first album 19, on repeat, all night long.

Now, back with her second album, 21, which I have yet to listen to. She promises more beautiful songs that people will still be listening to in years to come. And hopefully, they will still feel as fresh to them and me, as Daydreamer or First Love does to me now, a couple of years, a few hundred plays later than when I first uploaded it onto my iTunes. Her first song: Rolling in The Deep, has already notched up a few plays on Youtube from me!
With those big hooded eyes, and full lips, she sure is a beauty, whatacow!?

Have you been inspired by anyone this week?


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  1. You know, Adele is one of my fashion inspirations. She didn't have to go over the top to look effortless and put together. It also helps that I love her music. :)

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  3. She's amazing isn't she? Btw your blog is amazing!! xx

  4. Nice images