Tuesday, 19 April 2011

OOTD: Camel Stripes [restyle]

Sorry, sorry, sorry. I'mma bitch with blogging atm. There are no excuses, because I get tired of having to explain. I think I'm just going to have to get better with sharing my time between family, friends, work, graduate applications and socialising, and blogging! I won't share the reason as to why I've been away but its quite serious and personal so I hope I haven't annoyed anyone.

Anyway heres my latest ootd:

I've been applying for jobs and trying to present myself as a serious professional graduate, and here are my first attempts. Wearing a baggy top other a tight skirt means I show off my legs and I can hide my arms, my most hated area.

I love the camel colour on this top, and everyone always thinks its from Topshop as someone described how it was a topshop colour... Which I don't really see. I've worn it before casually in my trip to Brighton, but here it is smartened up...
I wore it over a tight jersey skirt, which does ride up a bit sometimes, but I keep on top of it as noone wants a flash of my nether regions!

Paired with heeled brogues from Peacocks I felt comfortable all day as I tried to impress potential bosses!
Jersey Tee - ASDA.
Skirt - H&M.
Tights - Tesco.
Brogues - Peacocks.
Necklace - Muse (Manchester, similar items in Topshop)
Belt - Vintage find.

How do you dress for job interviews?


P.S. I have so many blogs to catch up on! And my, my, my, my dress is coming along lovely for the grad ball, I can't wait to show it you!!


  1. I absolutely adore this outfit!
    the color is great and I like how you matched the top and skirt together :)

  2. Hi sweetie,
    Don't sweat it, readers won;t just go away if u take some time off. I can relate, having to accept I can't keep up with everything at once. Anyway< back to your outfit, I think you look sexy too. Did u wear u'r hair down at the interview? Hope it all goes as planned. Happy Easter weekend :D

  3. Love the top, its a great colour for your skin tone :)

  4. oo I love this & I can't believe the tops from ASDA, wanttt!
    Fingers crossed your job interviews went well :D