Friday, 1 April 2011

OOTD: Net Curtains


This is my friend Sarah, seriously, see how many stunners I have to be friends with, it's ridiculous.

So, as you know, I've finished all of my work now for university, well besides a few tiddly bits and bobs, but I'm not as worried about them as my dissertation.

My dissertation was on women in radio, I really enjoyed writing it as it's an area of media I'm interested in. And finding out how women are ignored and not represented on British airwaves was really interesting. But if I have to try to quote something one more time using the Harvard Referencing System, I will scream! (DUIGNAN, 2011, p. 01)

So to celebrate everyone handing their work in on time we went out and partied Liverpool style.

We went to Tapas Tapas, a lovely little authentic Tapas restaurant in Liverpool city centre, which is lovely, overpriced, but really tasty and great food. Lovely atmosphere as well as everyone was relaxed and there were a few other parties going on, so we were all cheering each other on. Oh, and getting drunk on Sangria and Rose wine!

After the meal, we walked across the road to Heebie Jeebies, which is an amazing place to go to dance. We played drinking games and such whilst waiting for more people to arrive. Really, I must recommend dancing away your worries to Motown and fun tunes: Ain't no Mountain High Enough and Harry Belafonte's Jump in the Line are the best!

Anyway here's what I wore:
The dress I made myself (from net curtains: hence the title) and thought it was dressy enough for the night, which it was. I belted it with an old belt from a charity shop, because it's a bit shapeless without.

As I made it myself it does fit well, as it was made for my proportions, it was easy to make from some netted fabric from a Textiles shop here in Liverpool a couple of years ago, and I've been waiting for the perfect place to wear it and I'm glad I did here. Everyone else looked lovely.

Oh and these brogues are uh-mazing for dancing and walking, seriously, they're so comfy.

Dress - Made by me.
Belt- Vintage.
Tights- Tesco
Necklaces and Rings- Dorothy Perkins, and Pia Jewelery
Heeled Brogues - Peacocks

How do you celebrate?



  1. The dress is such a genius idea, it looks great :)x

  2. CUTE!!!!!
    you look so nice, i love the dress :)))

  3. i adore the dress! what a wonderful fabrication by you :)

  4. hi love, thanks for your blog comment. couple of people have commented on my hair now - it does my head in, i wish i could dye it but im really allergic to colouring! absolutely love this dress - it looks amazing. Am definitely going to attempt to make on myself for my diy blog, !


  5. Thank you guys, I'm looking to make a t-shirt from the sam material and shape for summer xx

  6. You super talented girl! I love the dress especially the scallop-ish hems! It is a beautiful combination of lace and dress, pretty on the windows but heavenly on you!

  7. Oh my goodness G, you should show us more. I love the lace dress, i was looking for something like Evans or so, but no it's an original. Great job!
    By the way: you've got mail too.

  8. Loooooove the dress! its really cool!

    // Maria bach