Friday, 6 May 2011

OOTD: Fringin'


Well, since all I've been doing is working, I've been letting my hair down alot too. This outfit was worn on a night out with Steph, who you've seen before and some other friends at uni. I'm not really a clubber person (snore, I know) but when I join my friends on nights out we usually end up in Popworld that plays cheesey pop tunes. Spice Girls, boyzone, etc you name it.

Anyway I wore this fringed top which I've seen in a couple of shops now including Topshop. But this was from primark. It will be great layered over maxi dresses for the tribal trend and does go with quite alot. I've seen girls in Liverpool pair it with t-shirts and peg leg pants, all in khakis and pale colours. And I've seen girls overlay it with maxi dresses, and just over black, which I think works best as it really shows the fringing of the top.

Here I am, drinking a redbull, laced with vodka.

I just wore simple make up and hair because if I wear one statement piece I don't like to overdo it. Red lips and simple black eyeliner are always a fall back for me :)
Again paired with my trusty brogues I could carry on dancing all night.

Fringe top - Primark.
Tights - Tesco
Necklace - DP.
Brogues - Peacocks.
Black dress - H&M

My graduation ball is tomorrow night, and I'm so excited to show you my dress. I showed you a mock up from Polyvore not long ago and I'm pleased with the outcome. Oh the shoes, they will kill my feet but they look so cute.

Have you got anything exciting coming up??



  1. I really really love the fringe top it looks so chic when you pair it with black!
    Looks like you had fun:)

  2. what an incredibly modern piece of design - I am delighted to have found this blog, it's a marvelous resource. Fashion Guide