Monday, 5 November 2012

Toffee Apples For Bonfire Night!

It's Bonfire night tonight, and I'm off out at a display, but I thought I'd leave you with these great traditional treats! I made these yesterday as I posted on Instagram and they went down a treat in my household. They're Toffee Apples! And here is a little easy recipe for you to do if you fancy making them yourself. I'd advise using an old pan as I've had to leave a pan to soak over night to get the syrup off of it. 

You will need:

400g Sugar
5 tbsp Golden Syrup
100ml Water
1/2 tbsp Vinegar 
4 tbsp Butter
6 Apples
Wooden Skewers
Parchment Paper

How I did it:

1. Place some parchment paper onto a clean baking tray and arrange your apples.

1. I mixed the sugar and water together over a low heat, in a pan, on the hob. When the sugar had dissolved into the water I added the Golden Syrup and Vinegar.

2. When this is all mixed together, add the butter, and keep on a constant heat.

3. This is a bit tricky, but now you need to keep heating the Toffee mixture up until it heats 140 degrees, known as the 'hard crack' stage. I don't have a thermometer, so I couldn't get this exact. But, I found a little tip on the BBC Good food website that said if you put a blob of the syrup into cold water and it goes into a little hard ball, so hard it snaps, instantly then you have the right temperature. If the mixture is still gloopy when you put a bit in the cold water, just keep on heating up the mixture. 

4. With, your apples, you need to wash them in boiling water to remove the waxy surface that stops the mixture from sticking. But just pop the apples in and out of the water then scrub them with a clean towel, as if you leave them in the water for long, they'll start to soften and cook.

5. Snap off the stalks of the apples and skewer them with either skewers or wooden lollipop sticks. 

6. Next dip them in the mixture, making sure they're covered. To stop them going thicker at the bottom like mine unfortunately did, spin them over the mixture whilst it dries to make sure the covering is even. When they're covered, pop them onto the parchment paper.

And there we go, tasty Toffee Apples! I hope I made this easy to follow...

Enjoy your bonfire night!!

Gem xo


  1. that's great thanks, would love to try this but wonder if you can leave the butter out?

    1. Yeah, there are a lot of recipes without the butter, it creates more of a clear toffee consistency. Here's one I've found on Hope that helps! xx