Sunday, 25 November 2012

Wants of the Week #31

I've not been the best blogger recently. Been a bit lacking on the post front. But I've got a few things planned including a giveaway and a cookery post which I did today! So fingers crossed I can get back into it.

1. Dress - ASOS Curve £25
I love these simple swing dresses that ASOS do. I've been waiting for one with sleeves for a while. They look super comfy and are a great price too. I like this grey colour but I'd love them to bring it out in a maroon or dark purple. They look like a lovely winter wardrobe staples.

2. Pork Pie Hat - Topshop £25
I've mentioned the khaki version of this before on my blog but the black is so much more versatile. I tried this on in Topshop on Friday in Trafford Centre with my friend Lauren, and we were both very surprised when it fit!! I have a rather large head and Topshop are smaller fittings, but it did fit me! I'm hinting very strongly at my mum now for a christmas present!

3.Blusher in Taupe - Nyx £5.50
I'm not really much of a bronzer person. I prefer pale and interesting. But my face still needs contouring. I saw this on Meg's blog at Lipsofacto, and it looks really natural and like a lovely dark blush.

4. Shoes - Zara £59.99
These studded pumps are beautiful. Maybe not the best or most suitable shoes for all the horrible, wet weather we've been having recently. But they're amazing. 

5. Stella Perfume - Stella McCartney £50 for 50ml
I know this is an older perfume but it's such a lovely scent for winter. It is quiet heavy and very floral, with a lot of rose notes. I'd definitely say try before you buy. But I received a sample not long ago and wore it and I really liked it, plus everyone kept asking what perfume I was wearing and saying it suited me. It also lasts which is good for me. Plus there are some really pretty bottles for winter!

Gem xo


  1. i love all your wants, the dress is really nice.

    Not sure if you follow my blog but i'm just going through my old blog roll to tell people i've had to start a new blog as i'd run out of photo hosting space and didn't want to use an external host

    my new blog is

    cheers steph @sheselec xxx

  2. I'm in love with this dress too! I'd want it in black, but that grey is pretty :) xxx