Wednesday, 5 June 2013

What I Got For My Birthday!

Just thought I'd pop on what I got for my birthday. Now I don't want this to come off as if I'm bragging at all. But I apologise if it does. Now 23 is not a special age at all! It comes creeping up on you, and it's kind of the age of responsibility, maturity. Borrrrrring. I'm still 21 at heart I promise! So I got a few clothes bits from Primark, you've seen the t-shirt in my last outfit post. And I love it. I bought it mainly to go with this pencil skirt. I think with some chunky heels it'd look great as a monochrome outfit on a night out. Maybe an idea for an outfit post. I got some little Clinique face goodies, a recipe book, some bits of make up and nail varnish and perfume. Plus a lovely ring that I've not taken off. But the two things that I am most most most grateful for are my orange bag, which I was searching high and low for. I needed something to bring some colour into my outfits for summer, and this is just the thing. I love it so much, I'm planning a 'What's in my bag?' post as I haven't done one in a while. And lastly, but no means!?) is my iPad!! I looooveees it, even more than the bag. It's taken over my mac as favourite gadget. It's something I would never ever buy myself as it's such a frivolous buy. But I wanted one so I thought I'd request it for my birthday, never thinking it would happen as it's very extravagant. I'm on it all the time now, mainly using it to read blogs, twitter (although I'm shite at tweeting!) and reading magazines. If anyone has any other suggestions for great apps, fun or useful, let me know!!

Gem xo


  1. Happy belated birthday, I love that orange bag. Very lucky lady :)

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