Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Evans A/W Collections..

Ok, so I'm a bigger fan of winter than I am of summer. I love the romance of it all, the colours and I even like the rain a little bit. But most of all I love the clothes (and not just because I look much better in clothes than I do without clothes, but that is one of the reasons!) There is so much more style around in winter, the tights, jeans, boots, jumpers (ooh I love 'em big, and soft, like my men). One reallly great example of this amazing winter style that we've seen on the cat walks is the great Evans A/W style. I think as many other fatshion bloggers have stated, one of the best lines they have ever done, so fashion forward yet purse friendly. I'll probably buy all of it.

The first line I chose to comment on was the Eden line, apart from that awful kaftan thing, which might look great on you, but I hate sheer sleeves. This is so autumny I love it! The leather, sheepskin lined jacket is seriously what I need to be seen in this winter, I'm thinking of starting my own "buy gemma a leather sheepskin lined jacket thing charity". I need it.. and if someone doesn't donate money, or it, I may have to walk around naked, which NOBODY wants believ
e me!
On a serious note though this is so different and fresh from anything we usually see at Evans!

This is the next range from them I wanted to highlight, the Rococo range. All my christmas outfits sorted with the brocade detail on that gold dress! So in this A/W 2010. And the chunky knit, great for shopping and buying more clothes in might I add. I am also going to point out the Gold, sequin dress, but this is all for me, noone else may buy it. Also it's my christmas party dress, if any suggest fancy dress I will sit on their faces, again nobody wants that!

I really hope when I go into the Evans store that these clothes match my expectations, I have been praising them all too much.

All photos from the Evans online blog... here

Another beautiful collection from the Arcadia group are from Dorothy Perkins. I cannot actually see each individual piece, and the blog will explain a bit more than I can but here is a
photo. One thing I want to know is why tease? It's like letting my lick the icing but then taking the rest of the cake away!? (another fat simile)
Mmm grey fur, cream ruffles, and pale blue dresses with sequins baaaah.

And the information on this is available here

Well I gots some new clothes so Ill do an outfit post. :)


  1. Oh this all looks so beautiful! I wish we had Evans in Norway. Thanks for sharing hun! <3

  2. winter, fall gives more layering options, more clothing to play with ;)

  3. No, problem I must say I wasn't a huge fan of Evans, but I love winter/fall and they have given us some more clothing to play with!