Saturday, 21 August 2010

Levis & 8 Questions.

I have ordered these jeans, I have really wanted some Levis for a while now after getting crappy jeans from shops like Next, M&S, Dorothy Perkins, Evans, and Asos, and just not really being happy with the quality. So I saw these babies on there site...

My love for jeans comes and goes, and I was really against denim jackets but I have began another love for them. I have a vintage Levis denim jacket (when I say I have I mean I have stolen and have absolutely loved it to death and she still doesn't know where it is) I hide it in my car for those fatshion emergencies!

What are your tendencies towards jeans and I know these are skinny and I "shouldn't" wear them but what styles do you feel most comfortable in?

Anyways on a different topic Elizabeth from The State I Am In and Jill from Jilly beansTalk tagged me in their 8 Questions posts so I feel obliged to have a go. I'm not gonna tag anyone as I don't have enough followers but if you want to have a go and say I tagged you I'll put some questions at the end! :)

Here goes boyo...

Elizabeth's Questions -

1. What is your favourite smell?
I have two, one is the overused but very exotic smell of coconuts. When I read the book "The Lovely Bones" quite a few years ago, she describes how in Heaven you can smell whatever you want all the time, I always had an image of the smell of coconuts in my heaven. The other is the perfume Issey Miyake which just reminds me of my Mum whenever she's not around.

2. What is your favourite mode of transportation?
It was the train but now its my little "vintage" VW Polo.

3. If you could only live in one country for the rest of your life, which country would it be, and why?
England, because even though I'd like to travel I'm too much of a homebody, I'm sorry that answer was so boring. I love our culture too, and just the fish and chips, yeah mainly that.

4. What is one thing that you absolutely have to do before you die?
Visit New York, just to be well cool.

5. How do you feel about a woman changing her name when she marries?
I quite like the idea and I'll probably do it, but you can do whatever you want lol.

6. What is your favourite way of keeping up on current events?
The BBC Newspage. Another boring answer! Also gossip gossip.

7. If your significant other had a terrible habit that you couldn't stand, would you tell him/her?
If it disgusted me to the very core, then yeah, but I'd probably make a joke out of it so it wouldn't upset them.

8. How do you deal with body-negative people in your everyday life?
I used to go home and cry, but now if I'm in a club and I hear someone make a little remark or whatever I'll usually tell them to stfu, which in most cases sends them running to the hills because I'm pretty scary looking when I'm angry. Actually I'm pretty scary, full stop.

Jill's questions -

1. What is the favorite outfit you ever styled for yourself?
I recently wore a velvet dress from primark with cream accessories and a vintage white bow bag on a night out with my hair up with a ribbon. I thought I looked well tidy, then when I went out I realised the rest of the world were still in flowery items for Summer! But I still thought I looked lovely haha.

2. If you could have any designer design a custom gown for you, who would you pick?
Karl Lagerfeld, even though he hates big girls I love Chanel and think they have a classic timeless style that would stay classic for years and years!

3. If someone offered you a job in the fashion industry, would you accept it?
Probably not. I can't be bothered with worrying constantly about what I look like, and having work pressure so the two combined would probably kill me off, no lies!

4. What is the one place in the world you'd like to visit?
New York, like every other girl looking for love, and great shoes.

5. If you could tag along on a world tour for your favorite band/artist, who would that be?
It would be Bloc Party, I'm not sure if you've heard of them, but just for the music really, they don't seem particularly fun. For the fun element of touring probably Katy Perry or Lady Gaga, and just for their costumes, mmmm tasty.

6. If you could walk a red carpet, which carpet would you want to walk?
I'm quite interested in music, so probably either The Brits here in England, or the MTV EMAs in whatever exotic countries theyre holding it in this year!

7. What's your favorite book and why?
My favourite book is one by Marian Keyes called Is There Anybody Out There? I love it because I'm properly into my trashy novels, that's really bad! I also love anything by Ben Elton, especially High Society because I love reading about things that are corrupt.

8. Would a reality show about your life be interesting?
To me yeah! I love the drama, bitch! To everyone else they probably would just turn it over, I'd watch it though, on my own like lol.

I hope that answered your questions anyways.

The 8 questions for anyone else is:

1. What's your favourite item of clothing you own and why?
2. Who is your style icon, dead or alive, boy or girl, famous or friend?
3. Whose your favourite person ever, dead or alive, boy or girl, famous or friend?
4. If you could had six months left to live what would be the most important thing for you to do?
5. Any guilty pleasures?
6. Favourite song ever and why?
7. Any style of clothing you hate and why?

There we go, thanks for reading this really long blog, probably of no interest to anyone but me haha oh well, hope you've had a nice weekend.



  1. i wear skinny jeans ALL the time!! in fact, i only own one pair of non-skinny jeans. i don't know what it is, but i like the tappered leg. thanks for answering the questions! i've heard of bloc party.. they would be fun to travel along with!

  2. I don't wear jeans but if I was going to it would definitely be skinny jeans! xoxo

  3. I've never managed to fine a pair of jeans to fit me :( Maybe one day...
    Loved this post & your answers!
    I love the smell of coconut too :)

    I've just found your blog, love your style & your scrapbook!
    Just became a follower xo