Saturday, 18 February 2012

Recent Buys.

 Hello, hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

These are some of my recent buys! These boots are from Office, and if you follow me on twitter you'll have seen that I got them in the sale. I've been looking for some cheap chunky heeled chelsea boots. And I found them! £15 from £80. Such a bargain! 
As well as that, I bought some Soap & Glory bits, a body spray and Clean on Me which is a moisturising body wash. I love the smell of all the Soap &Glory stuff, and have used the body wash before, with brilliant results.

I also bought the wonderful Company magazine, seriously impressed with the makeover. I was an avid reader before but love the look and feel of it now. You really get a feel for street style over just whats hot on the catwalk. 

I also found a small bun ring! Its from the kids section in primark. As well as this I found these three belts too. Black, tan, and cream go with everything in my wardrobe so they're a staple.

Shoes - Office
Soap &Glory - Boots
Belts & Bun ring - Primark
Magazine - ASDA or your nearest newsagent.

Anyway a curry and the tele is calling my name, enjoy your saturday night!

Gem xo


  1. Love the boots, I think I saw Anika (from ByAnika) with similar ones (especially the heels) in a greenish color. Make an ootd post soon, okay ;)

  2. Great little haul! I love both of the Soap & Glory things you picked up. The Body Mist smells gorgeous. Your boots are amazing, brilliant find

    1. Thank you! It does smell lovely but then so does a lot ofSoap & Glory stuff! x

  3. AMAZING SHOES!!! The soap and glory mist is so nice, must buy some more! xx