Wednesday, 15 February 2012

When We Come Back We'll Be Dressed in Black.

Hope everyone had a lovely valentines day! 

I just applied for jobs, dreamed about living in a flat away from Warrington(which is a long way off) and popped out for a bit to Altrincham. Nothing special. It's still a bit cold out but getting warmer so I wore this dress, which is pretty short, but with a longer coat I was a bit more modest!

I love the colours in this dress and it has a cute woven collar too, but you can't see in this photo. I tried to bring out the purples in the dress with this bright scarf but not sure if the two tones of purple work together. What do you think? The jumper is another one of those H&M ones.But like I said they've been one of my favourite things to wear this winter. They go with everything, including dresses and just with jeans.  And I also can't stop wearing these boots! They're so comfy and supportive, and as I suspected look nice with tights and dresses as well as jeans.

How was your week anyway, get up to anything exciting? Hope your valentines was more eventful than mine!! 
This cute charm necklace I put together myself, the charm is from a cheap jewellers in the UK called Warren James and the chain is from their too. I've used these charms before to make necklaces and bracelets for peoples birthdays and presents, using a piece of leather rope or silver chains to make them all one of a kind gifts. 

Dress & Scarf - Primark
Jumper - H&M
Boots - DP
Tights - Tesco
Necklace - Warren James

Gem xo


  1. such a cute outfit. i love the print and color of the scarf!

    p.s. your hair is gorgeous.. i'm jealous of the shine. secrets?

    xo, Jill

    1. Thank you!! But I have a lot of split ends. I just use herbal essences shampoo called Hello Hydration and put a mask on my hair once a week. And use Aussie Leave in conditioner. x