Thursday, 9 February 2012

Wants of the Week

Since its Valentines, and I haven't got one. I think I'll treat myself to some presents instead.

1. Red Spotty Dress - Dorothy Perkins - £28.
A pretty dress, perfect with tights, for dates with friends.

2. Red Peter Pan Collar Dress - Dorothy Perkins - £34.
Another cute dress, a little bit dressier, maybe for an evening out.

3. Ring, Pandora, Around £100.
A nice thoughtful gift, to myself.

4. Valentina, Valentino, £71.
This perfume is lovely! Very light and perfect for spring. Very romantic.

5. Red Varnish, Chanel, £10.50.
A strong shade. Red nails never fails.

6. Red Lipstick, MAC, £13.50.
Another bright shade, a little more expensive than I'd usually pay for lipstick, but I think, like red nails, this is a sure fire great look.

7. Boots, Topshop, £80.
I originally wanted the Allegra Boot, but I cant see them anywhere. I also can't afford these at the moment so they'll probably go too.. Obviously its something thats never meant to be. We shall never be together.

8. Charm Pendant, Cath Kidston, £25.
Another cute gift for a girl.

9. Glitter Collar Top, New Look, £26.
Going away from red, this cute, pink top is also very romantic and pretty. Another good one for an evening wear.

Happy Valentines Anyway. I have more posts coming with stuff that happened in 2011!

Gem xo


  1. awwwww
    i really miss you!!!
    glad to see u around!!!
    gosh, i love the peter pan collar dress!

    1. Immer, I missed you too! i know the peter pan dress is lovely

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous boots. Why do Topshop have to be so amazing? Haha. Lovely collage

    1. Thanks. I know, their stuff is so good! I do need those boots though.

  3. I want everything on this list, the pandora ring is utterly beautiful xx