Tuesday, 17 April 2012

End of Time

Wow, I look positively thrilled in that second photo! 

Sorry for no shoes either! God, my blogging standards are terrible at the moment! Thank you for continuing to read despite this haha. Anyway I wore this over the weekend to go and see The Hunger Games at the Trafford Centre in Manchester. I sat on a melted chocolate Malteaser in the cinema and was not best pleased, always happens to me. #firstworldproblems. Really, really need to read the books now. I skimmed the first one before we went but not enough so I knew what was happening, seriously though, such a good film. I'm a sucker for films that are quite commercial though.

We had dinner at Est, Est, Est too which was tasty, and we were serenaded by a sax man who did jazzy covers of all the old jazzy classics, including Oasis! Yes, Oasis. 
You've seen this t-shirt before, but I dressed it down with my black ASOS skinnies and waistcoat. I'm still loving the grunge look, so this studded oversized t-shirt is perfect. I wore my old battered converse too, trying to be all grungy. I wore turquoise jewellery too to bring out the blue tones in the t shirt! Must say I will forever love these skinnies, usually my skinnies wear any in certain places if I've had them for long periods, these are still going really strong and are so comfy.

By the way this is a queued post, you'll have seen a sneak peak on your dash last night, I'm currently out at all day!

Not a particularly exciting outfit, but I was only sat in a darkened room for three hours. Have you seen The Hunger Games? Or any other films you can recommend? 

Jeans - ASOS Curve
T-shirt - Old Primark
Waistcoat - Old Dorothy Perkins
Necklace - Primark
Rings - Pia and Vintage

Gem xo

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  1. The Hunger Games movie was so great! I Think I also need to read books now! :)