Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Island Girl Insight's Blog Love Package Swap

So I recently took part in Island Girl Insight's first Blog Love Package Swap. Which you can find over here. I really enjoyed it! My swap partner is Sophie. She has a lovely beauty blog over on: Magnifique Beauty. So go check her out, she's really lovely, and a pretty thing indeed! Her blog is pretty too. I just screenshotted it to give you a sneaky peak! But please do go check her out, her eyeliner is flawless!
Anyway, onto the first swap. Me and Sophie swapped some emails to see what each other would like. We were both a bit vague to begin with! Not helping each other at all, then ideas started to flow. Last week I sent the box I'd worked on, and prayed and prayed that she'd love the items as much as I'd loved putting it all together. (I had an email today confirming this, so woohoo!)

Sophie really worked on the box and really personalised it to me. We both had the idea of popping little letters in to explain each item. And little notes as well. You can see what Sophie gave me above. I love this box, the perfect little notebook, and perfect little coin purse. The bracelet from Toppers is amazing, I've already worn it today as a necklace, it's so versatile and it's properly me! She also added little recipe cards, which are perfect too! I'm looking forward to making some of these recipes and I can include them on the blog too which I'm excited about. The last item(s) which I'm totally in love with (people say you shouldn't pick favourites, but I can't control myself when it comes to red lipstick) Two lovely red lipsticks from MUA. They're really easy to apply and feel light on my lips too, which makes them perfect for day wear if I was going to go for bare eyes. 

Anyway I really enjoyed this! And I hope there are lots more to come. Thank you Sophie for my lovely items. They really brightened up my whole week! 

Gem xo

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  1. This is so great, that notebook is gorgeous! Glad you enjoyed taking part in the swap <3 xxx