Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Wishful Thinking

April showers have taken on a whole new meaning this month. In Britain we're in a drought, so we do need the rain, but it has made dressing very difficult. Wearing countless layers, covering them up with a raincoat. Oh, woe is me. Blogger problems ey? 

I wore this yesterday when I visited London. In other news, I wonder if anyone could help me? I went to London yesterday for a meeting, as mentioned, and to have a little shop round. On my way there I felt fine and dandy. On my way back, I got the worst travel sickness ever (I know it's gross, I'm so sorry). I will always be thankful for a clean, non-pissy, toilet that stays still, and never take it for granted ever again. What I wanted to know, was if there was a way to stop travel sickness on trains? I've traveled before and felt fine, but I NEVER want to feel like that again. After a quick google, it seems Ginger is a good way to stop it, but I don't like Ginger, although I will try it if no one can suggest anything different!?

Anyway I chucked this midi dress on, I got a while back, hoping for sunny sky's, when I saw the pounding rain I chucked my black tights and trusty boots on underneath to warm and prepare my legs for the wetness that was outside. I've noted before my love of purple, and here is another purple dress. This midi dress is so easy to wear, lightweight for summer and looks lovely dressed down or up. The t-shirt style is a particular favourite of mine too. I added my usual studded belt too as it does need cinching at the waist to give me shape or I look like a sack of potatoes. Sexy potatoes, may I add? 
This was to wish me luck in my meeting, although it didn't wish me luck in the toilet department on that Virgin Pendolino tiliting train. The fickle luck of the irish! 

Dress - Dorothy Perkins (old)
Boots - Dorothy Perkins
Belt - Next
Shrug - M&S
Tights - M&S

Gem xo

Edit: I meant to add! I received my blog swap package today and I'm so pleased with it! I'll be posting my lovely presents up tomorrow from Sophie, and telling you about her blog.


  1. Awh sorry to hear you felt sick! :( I use to get travel sickness a lot as a child. My mum got me "Quells" I think that's the right spelling? You take them before you travel and they stop sickness!

    Love love your dress btw! I really want a Midi dress! xox

  2. Oh noes..travel sickness is horrid. *hugs*
    Love this dress tho! Gorgeous colour! ^^d

  3. I really like this dress. You wear it well and it goes great with the grey cardy :)