Friday, 15 February 2013

Let's Make it Happen

I hope everyone has had a lovely week, and a Happy Valentines Day. It's been two of my favourite days of the year this week. Pancake day (nom nom nom) and then Valentines day. Whilst I don't have anyone to spend this time of year with I still think Valentines day is a great way to show anyone how much you love them. This year I received some chocolates from my friend at work, and my mum, multiple work valentines emails on why my colleagues love me, and a flower that was hand drawn to compete with the multiple bouquets being delivered to the office (well it's as good as a bouquet of flowers, isn't it!?). I'm not a fan of people who claim Valentines Day is stupid, and people should be romantic everyday. I mean it would be lovely if we could afford chocolates and flowers for loved ones every day, but we're not all millionaires, and it's nice there is a day dedicated to lurrrrrve. Anyway, still on the shopping ban, I've been recycling my clothes to try and make some 'new clothes' and brand new outfits. I recycled this grey lace skater dress, I wore not long ago, and layered this t-shirt over the top. I wanted to recreate the skater skirt look a little bit and tucked the t-shirt into a belt. I also wore this 'Your lips but better' sort of colour that my Mum got me for Christmas, it's real pretty to wear with pink blush cheeks and simple eyes for a natural, english rose look. Anyway it's been a busy week so I'm off to have a boring Friday! Hope you all have a lovely weekend ladies!
Top - Simply Be
Dress - Dorothy Perkins
Belt - Dorothy Perkins (Old)
Boots - ASOS
Necklace - Primark
Tights - Tesco
Lipstick - Ted Baker

Gem xo

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