Sunday, 17 February 2013

Update on Shopping Ban

Okay, okay, okay I've failed the 50 day shopping ban. I had a terrible week again with my job, I'm under a lot of pressure at the moment, it even ended with my crying in the loos on Friday! And I've been feeling down about different things, and on top of everything else I've got the terrible ol' catholic guilt because I failed the shopping ban. I set out to do something and I failed. I'll tell you the old tale of how I failed my mission! 

Yesterday I went into Liverpool with my Mum and we went to the Docks, to the Tate Museum, to see the Glam Rock exhibition. It was a lovely day and I'd recommend anyone to go and have a wander around the Museum if you have an interest in David Bowie, Andy Warhol and various other not so obvious 70's Glam Rock icons. Anyway we popped over to Liverpool One and whilst I was there went into the Simply Be shop. Now this is where I fell down the shopping hole, never to return. I felt a bit like Alice in Wonderland. I was so amazed at the beautiful clothes, I even indulged in trying some of the new season stuff on. BUT I resisted. I came away feeling triumphant, screaming 'NOT THIS TIME SIMPLY BE, YOU FIENDS, I WON'. 

THEEENNNN, I logged onto my computer and saw the dress online I'd tried on. I ended up ordering it last night. Plus a bit of underwear so I can feel pretty underneath the dress, obviously. So I went 30 days without buying. As I said before, I think I've had a lot of pressure piled on me at work this week, and it just ended up taking it's toll on my will power, and money out of my account. I did well, and I'm going to carry on with the ban until the fifty days are up because I've definitely saved myself a bit of money. 

But there we go, that was my blip! I thought best to own up to it and be honest to myself more than anything else!


  1. Don't beat yourself up about it too much Gem! I did a 3 month shopping ban and only made it a month and a half so failed too. Going cold turkey is hard when you get so much pleasure out of shopping I know that!! What the challenge taught me most was to start really thinking about the stuff I'm spending money on and whether I *really* want it or I'm just spending to get that buzz, treating ourselves every once in a while is no crime and you can't go to the grave with money so why not spend it on something reckless every once in a while?? xxx

  2. 30 days is still pretty damn good! You've done so well!



  3. Aw I hope things pick up for you at work, it's horrible feeling low. 30 days is amazing too, definitely not a fail x