Monday, 15 October 2012

I Do Like To Be Beside the Seaside

I really need to get used to taking photos outside. I felt so self conscious of these, but I'm proud of myself as I did it! As I mentioned in my last post, me and my mother ventured into Blackpool to see the illuminations and do a bit of retail therapy. It's supposed to be something that all of my family do, including my brother and dad ,but it's just me and my mum left now. Which is good as we get to go into as many shops as we like without hassle. We grabbed some food in Pizza Express and treated ourselves to some clothes. I've grown up visiting Blackpool as my Grandad had a caravan not far from there and I still like coming back. It's full of great spirit and the illuminations and lights are always good fun. They're on until November ( I think ) so go with a group of friends, wrap up warm, grab a few drinks and go and look at them for a great alternative to a boozy club night. I initially wore a shirt buttoned up over this lace top but I soon realised it's so cold on the coast I needed to wear something warm so I picked up this lovely thick knitted jumper from New Look. It was a matter or me being very cold! I needed to buy it. I wanted to be comfy so I threw my favourite jeans on and the new boots. This jumper is a lovely material and I like the simple look of it, I'm looking forward to wearing it with a grey pencil skirt I picked up in Primark. I hope you like these photos of me looking very awkward. And now I leave you with the best bit! 

Jeans - Dorothy perkins
Lace Top - Dorothy Perkins
Shirt - Peacocks
Jumper - New Look
Leather Jacket - (old)
Boots - ASOS

Gem xo


  1. You look great! :)I LOOOOVE that knitted jumper! :) xxx

  2. You look lovely and the backdrop to your photos is fab! I went to Blackpool a few times growing up but must be about fifteen years since I last visited it. xx

  3. This looks like such a lovely day! I love your outfit :)x

  4. Fab photos, lovin the leather too.