Sunday, 7 October 2012

Wants of the Week #28

Okay, so this week it's a bag special. I feel the need to treat myself to one as this morning I didn't manage to get me and my friends a glastonbury ticket. And I'm feeling very, very sorry for myself. Anyway, I want to spend the money I would have spent on the festival on myself, as a sort of 'It's okay Gem, you didn't need that brilliant lifetime experience anyway, sniff' present. If any companies want to send me and a couple of my friends I would be eternally grateful. No? Noone? Okay then? As you can see they all have little things in common, like they're structured and simple.

1. Scallop Shopper - ASOS £75
This cute bag is a lovely colour. A nice difference to black or brown. I like the scallop detail as well it's really pretty. Of course its practical as well and has lots of handy compartments in side.

2. 14" Satchel  - Cambridge Satchel Company £81
The only bright colour in this little collection. A big fan of this red. This iconic satchel looks great with any outfit and will look classic and on trend for years to come.

3. Doctors Bag - ASOS £75
The doctors bag shape is quite 'on trend' this season. I was looking on Net-a-Porter and there have been lots released by designers. This one from ASOS is just as good and will last as long as it's leather and looks really sturdy.

4. Bayswater Satchel - Mulberry £595
I think I'll always lust after the mulberry brand. I think they're iconic bags and will stand the test of time, definitely an investment, but I just can't bring myself to buy one! I think it would have to be a present from someone else really. This style is a simple one that really would last the longest time.

5. Bucket Bag - Zara £79.99
This bucket bag has been doing the rounds for the longest time. And I even snaffled the plastic fantastic version from Primark but this bag is really a statement piece. I like this dark red colour and think it's great for winter. It's very large and will fit lots of stuff in which is great for me. It doesn't have a long strap but I'm sure I could fashion one.

Anyway, I'm off for a sulk and to eat the cinnamon twirls I made this morning!

Gem xo


  1. That first bag is just gorgeous! x

  2. These are great choices! I love that doctors bag! So gorgeous :)